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Discover which are the best waxes for men's hair on the market

The best men's hair wax and how to apply it.

A very important part of every man's look is his haircut and hair style. Even done up to the 9's, without a good hair style that highlights your style and your features, your look is incomplete.

There are a host of styling products like waxes and pomade to add hold, style and shine to your glamorous or casual day look. One of the most popular is hair wax and we will tell you why this product is recommended for styling and where is to best to buy it. In addition, we also have a list of the best waxes for men's hair.

Why use hair wax?

There are many reasons why applying wax to your hair is recommended. These are just some of them:

  • Easy to remove: the best products and, especially those that we are going to recommend below, have a great advantage and that is that they can be easily removed. Brushing several times is enough and voila, you won't even need to wash your hair to remove some of these products
  • Nutrition and shine for your hair: these type of products are based on formulas that contain different ingredients of natural origin such as vitamins, which will allow you to show off hydrated, shiny and strong hair in style.
  • Longer lasting style: in addition to aiding styling, wax offers a strong and long-lasting hold, with a dry look, regardless of whether you have short or long hair to hold in place.

The best hair waxes on the market

The best hair wax that will nourish and leave an irresistible scent on your hairSuavecito

This fresh smelling wax creates a natural dry hold and is used for both classic and modern styling. Thanks to its strong hold applying a small amount of the product is enough. It is ideal for unruly hair and is very easy to remove, as it leaves very little residue on the hair.

Bed Head

If your scalp is dry, this product is the best buy you. Its formula, designed with quality ingredients provides great hydration to your hair. As its level of hold is not very high, it is recommended for slightly unruly hair that seeks a natural look.

American Crew Fiber

This wax is considered the best hair wax by many stylists. Its matte finish, its exceptional aroma and its long duration make it a the best option for fine and short hair.

Da’Dude Da’Wax

Again with a matte finish effect, this product is considered the best wax for beginners. It has a great hold and adds volume, making it ideal for very unruly or difficult-to-style hair which lasts all day.

Golden Beards Kobenhavn

This wax, made in Denmark with organic ingredients such as Argan Oil or jojoba, hydrates and protects your hair day and night in the most natural way possible. It has a mild fragrance and has a small amount of oil due to the essential oils in the wax which is also great for your beard!

Wax Osis + by Schwarzkopf

It belongs to the Osis + product range launched by the famous Schwarzkopf brand. This wax highlights the natural shine of the hair and is highly recommended for styling unruly hair with a lot of volume.

Matt Wax

Finally, this is one of the waxes that best adapt to all types of hair and hairstyles for both men and women. In addition to standing out for its long hold, it also moisturises and helps repair damaged hair.

How to apply hair wax?

Best men's hair wax you'll find on the market this yearTo apply hair wax, start by slightly moistening your hair with a little water. We recommend that first of all you have in mind what hairstyle you want, since once products are applied it is best to style hair relatively quickly.

Let your hair dry after wetting and it is best to put a little wax on your fingers, distribute the wax well and shape it using the tips of your fingers. Let the wax or pomade harden and you will have winning hair day and night!

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