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10 best gift ideas for mums to be

10 Best Gift Ideas for Mums to be

When someone you know gives you the Good news and tells you that she is pregnant, you get the joy of the century, right? But then that thought comes to you: "Oh no, what do I give her now?"

It is the most normal thing in the world, because, given that there are so many gift options you can get for a new mum to be, and knowing during their pregnancy they are going to get so many, It is very difficult to stand out and come up with a really nice and special gift. So today, we bring you 10 of the best gift ideas for pregnant women that you are going to love.

The Best Gifts for Mums to be

We don't want you to give yourself a headache with the uncertainty of what to give a new mum, so, let's get to it. We are going to recommend gifts to make the pregnancy more bearable, as well as gifts to help your pregnant friend feel more prepared for when the baby arrives.


In addition to being an original gift for a pregnant friend, it is one of the best and most useful and one that the mum to be will thank you for. Using this at bedtime is the perfect and best ways to help mum get a good comfortable sleep through pregnancy.

It supports and adapts to the tummy at all stages of pregnancy and thus helps her find the most comfortable position so that she can sleep comfortably and of course the new baby too.


This is a gift that the Mum to be, and Dad too, are going to love!
Thanks to the prenatal listening system, you are able to hear your baby and their heartbeat, starting at 28 weeks of pregnancy.

And not only that, but it allows you to record them to keep them forever or to give to family and friends. Maternity is very beautiful and gifts like this confirm it. This is a perfect and special gift for those having their first baby to enjoy whilst pregnant.

How to make preganancy easierA PAMPER BASKET

Not all gifts for future moms have to be for the new baby, right? What better than to give your new mum to be friend something to help her take care and pamper herself during motherhood. Whilst this stage is so beautiful pregnancy can also be hard and Mum will want to take care of herself, feet and make sure her skin is well moisturised and feet well rubbed.

Make a personalised pamper set with moisturisers to help her feel more beautiful and better, since with the morphological changes that occur during pregnancy, skin can suffer. Gifts like these are something original and perfect if tailored to specific needs through pregnancy.


This is also one of the best and most original gift ideas and will help a lot during breastfeeding, especially if she is a new mom. This necklace can we worn by Mum and is useful for babies to chew and suck once when their little teeth come through allowing Mum to relax knowing that there is no risk since this is what is it designed for.


A nursing pillow is another perfect gift for pregnant women that has become popular recently.

You may wonder how is it different to a regular pillow? It is specifically designed to provide extra comfort when baby is feeding. It is something that many women find difficult at first and can even be frustrating; So, this is ideal to make those first moments with baby, as well as the months to come, easier and more bearable.


It is important for all women, both young and old, to strengthen their pelvic floor to avoid future incontinence problems (among other issues); but it is even more necessary for pregnant women to do so as this strengthens the birth canal and is the best way to help recover sooner after giving birth. This is why it is the gift they will thank you for most.

With this little pelvic floor trainer it will help them tone and strengthen their pubococcygeal muscles from the inside out, helping them be more comfortable reducing back pain.

Best perfumes for a Mum to be

Best gifts for a mum to beWithout a doubt, if you want to be different and stand out, the best gift you can give a pregnant woman is a perfume for her first baby.

Yes, that's right Although babies have a wonderful natural smell, when they grow up it is very common to put a little perfume on their clothes, so that they always smell good, are more relaxed and feel more comfortable. Of course, it is important that these perfumes are hypoallergenic and have all the necessary quality controls, such as these perfumes designed specifically for children which we list below:

DIVAIN 900 is a soft and delicate scent, and feels like a tender hug that a mother gives her baby. It will soothe and relax your little one instantly.

Petits et Mamans by Bvlgari (DIVAIN-902) is inspired by the bonds that are created between mothers and their children. This distills peace and joy.

Burberry Baby Touch (DIVAIN-901) this fragrance is ideal for the whole family. Its citrus fresh scent will envelop the whole family with an aura of tranquility.

Ptisenbon by Tartine et Chocolat (DIVAIN-903) ideal for girls because it is extremely delicate, soft and fresh. Inspire tenderness and pure love.

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