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Discover the best eye shadow palettes of all time

9 of the Best Eyeshadow Palettes

It is often thought that a beautifully made up face is incomplete without a great eyeshadow to enhance the look and give it depth. When you buy this beauty product, not only do you have to take into account the colours of the palette, it is also essential to consider other important factors which may affect the health of your skin, such as quality or ingredients.

What shades or colours to choose? 

In general, if you are choosing a shade for dark eyes you should brighten your eye area. 

A colourful palette that includes purples, blues, greens, and turquoise are ideal eyeshadow shades for black and brown eyes.

Those with light green, hazel or blue eyes can try to buy eyeshadow shades to highlight the beauty of their eyes with contrasting shades such as brown, grey, orange or gold.
Remember to apply a base on your skin that helps to fix the shadow.

The best Eyeshadow Palettes on the market

The best eyeshadow palettes to create sophisticated looksProfessional makeup artists always recommend having beauty products that help add light to the eye and give depth. This is the case with eyeshadow palettes like those offered by the best quality professional beauty brands.

If you are looking for a makeup palette with high pigmentation, durable and healthy shadows for your skin, we have selected the best eyeshadow palettes to buy at affordable prices.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam

The Soft Glam palette of the Anastasia Beverly Hills brand is made up of 14 shades of shadows including earthy tones, purple, coffee and gold. It is a high pigmentation and is a durable palette making it ideal to apply on a daily basis to create a wide variety of unique and professional makeup looks.

Anastasia Modern Renaissance

From the same brand as the previous eyeshadow palette, the Modern Renaissance palette features one of the best eyeshadow combinations of pinks and neutrals. With this long-lasting eyeshadow palette you will achieve a perfect matte finish. It is the ideal palette of shadows for women looking for a natural, but creative makeup.

Lemonade Craze Palette by Maybelline

The Maybelline Lemonade Craze Eyeshadow Palette features 12 shades of citrus fruits, featuring a creamy texture for the best and easiest application. With it you will achieve both a matte and shimmery result to create explosive beauty and looks for your eyes full of sensuality.

Dulceida X by MAC

If you are looking for a more natural look, Dulceida's Mac eyeshadow palette with nudes is the perfect buy for you. It's simple and you can have 6 neutral colours for any occasion or time of day. It is very well pigmented and the colours are so versatile that they adapt to any type of makeup and eye makeup look you want to pull off.

The New Nude Palette by Huda Beauty

Numerous tones and textures make up this palette from the Huda Beauty brand. With this palette you will get different makeup finishes to create a lot of creative looks. It offers 18 eyeshadows that combine highly pigmented, pearly, shiny matte colours and other shades that will give depth and volume to your eyes. Also, Huda beauty use ingredients that are good for your skin and eye area like aloe vera and jojoba.

A list of the top eye shadow palettes recommended for womenToo Faced Natural Lust Eye Palette

This Too Faced eyeshadow palette includes 30 shades that will help you achieve a natural, yet sensual look. It includes soft, smoky neutral tones with great durability and a creamy formula that makes it easy to apply. this is a great buy.

Off Tropic Shadow Palette by NYX

With the NYX Off Tropic Shadow Palette inspired by paradise islands, you will achieve an explosive look with your eyeshadow thanks to the different vivid, bright and warm colours that it includes. You can choose between two ranges of colours with satin and matte finishes that will help create daring makeup, full of life and freshness.

Fortune Favors the Brave by Revolution

With this Revolution eyeshadow palette with matt and metallic colours you will get the best smokey eye looks. Designed in collaboration with a British blogger, it offers 30 dark, sexy colours that blend easily and are long lasting.

Romanced Eyeshadow Palette W7

Finally, another of the best eyeshadow palettes is the one offered by the W7 brand for the most romantic women who love beauty. This high-quality beauty product ranges from bright gold for party looks to neutrals and browns for more casual occasions. You will make anyone fall in love!

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