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The best eyelash serum will make you look like a heart attack

The best serum to make your lashes look more incredible than ever

Who has not dreamed of having the most voluminous, long and curved eyelashes? Eyelashes that take your breath away and move like a butterfly's flapping. Let them make your eyes stand out and look magnificent. If you belong to this group of dreamers, we have good news for you. Today we bring you a complete guide on eyelash serums, your best ally to get those heart attack lashes you dream of so much.

What is an eyelash serum and what is it for?

Let's start by defining what an eyelash serum is. Well, it is a product designed by and to strengthen and stimulate the growth of this type of eyelashes. It achieves this thanks to its composition, made from proteins and enzymes that activate the follicles of the eyelids, the main responsible for their growth.

Therefore, if you use it regularly, you will be able to observe how in just eight weeks your eyelashes look stronger, healthier and more voluminous; as they are more hydrated and longer, and, as their fall is considerably reduced.

Loreal and Nanolash are beauty brands that have good products for eyelash health

How and when to apply the eyelash serum?

The ideal time to apply it is at night, just before going to sleep, with your face completely clean and makeup removed, especially in the area of ​​the eyelashes and eyelids.

You have to apply it to the entire length of the eyelashes, with special emphasis on the root, as this way the product will better penetrate the follicle. Most formats include a brush to make application much easier.

Of course, it is a treatment that requires perseverance to obtain optimal results. So, night after night, the serum has to be one more in your facial routine.

Ah! And keep in mind that it does NOT work for the eyebrows. It is one of the false myths that run on the Internet.

What types of serums are there?

Although all the serums have in common the fulfillment of the objectives that we have just mentioned, it is true that there are some that have a greater impact on some properties or others. Thus, we can find serums specialized in lengthening the eyelashes, in increasing their volume or in strengthening them.

To choose the most suitable for you, you have to look at the greatest lack of your eyelashes. Do you drop a lot? Are they very short? Or, on the contrary, are they very long but so thin that they go almost unnoticed? In the first case, you will have to opt for a strengthening serum, in the second one, it grows eyelashes and in the third one that increases its volume. Simple as that. And if you want everything in one, don't worry, because here is a list of the best eyelash serum of 2021.

Makeup is not the only element necessary for your eyelashes to be more voluminous

The best serums to strengthen your lashes

Now, let's go with our selection of the best eyelash serums on the market:


This product promises 50% longer lashes in just 30 days. Come on, wonderful. It achieves this thanks to its excellent components, which manage to regenerate and strengthen the eyelashes, extending and thickening them.

It is also super innovative, since it has an anti-inflammatory action that protects the eyes and conditions the skin that surrounds them. Ideal for the most sensitive eyes.


Natural where they are, this serum is made the old-fashioned way, in the form of essential oil. And it is made 100% with pure castor oil, from India.

As you can guess, it is a completely vegan and cruelty free product, so we can't like it more.


The famous French brand has, of course, a high quality product that will make your eyelashes incredibly strong. It is made from castor oil, hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, madecassoside, and filoxan.

It is suitable for the most sensitive eyes, since its formula was designed to be completely anti-irritant.


This is without a doubt one of the best lash serums on the market. It is made from lipids, peptides, green tea and panthenol; Exclusive ingredients that will make your lashes experience a before and after in terms of strength and volume.

A highly cosmetic product but one that is worth investing in if you need a big change in your eyelashes.


This wonderful, completely natural and cruelty-free serum (something that we think is essential in any beauty product worth its salt) works with a prostaglandin derivative, which accelerates the appearance of results. And what are these? Much longer and voluminous eyelashes, in addition to being reinforced, since their assets protect them from breakage and fall.

You will see that as you encourage yourself to try this product, it will become an essential in your daily beauty routine. Get ready so that your lashes are the center of all eyes.

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