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Find out which are the best makeup brands and why they are so well known

The 10 Best Makeup Brands on the Market

Although there are thousands of beauty companies in the world, only a few makeup brand's products have the privilege of being recognised as the best on the world market. Ingredients of the highest quality, its luxury designs full of personality, and the best formulas are just some of the qualities that are so important in these quality makeup and beauty products.

In this article we provide you with a list of the best make up and beauty brands and products to keep you looking at your best.

The 9 best professional makeup brands in the world

When it comes to your skin and makeup it is important to use quality products with the right colour and formula to create a natural and matte look with your. That is why we are sharing the Top 9 best professional makeup brands in the world. This is the makeup recommended by experts and used by some of the most famous celebrities.

List with the best makeup brands in the world and what each one of them offers

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is, without a doubt, one of the most recommended makeup brands. The product that stands out most from this brand is the mousse-textured foundation and blush that adapt to any skin type creating a matte look. Likewise, it is one of the beauty firms that offers the most variety in colour among its products.

Laura Mercier

When we talk about trend setters in the world of beauty, we cannot fail to mention Laura Mercier. This French beauty brand was created by Michéle Mercier, a woman who loves painting and who discovered the need to use quality makeup with a long lasting foundation with a matte look.

She is one of the designers who stands out for the quality of her facial beauty products, especially for her translucent powders, her most recognised product worldwide, as well as foundation and blush makeup.

NARS Cosmetics

This is one of the most used professional makeup brands among women looking for the perfect look. NARS cosmetics is a must have among professional makeup artists who want a product to create a perfect canvas on the skin of their models with their light and lasting formula. Her Orgasm collection has been one of the most successful and acclaimed worldwide.

Urban Decay

Another cosmetic firm worth mentioning in our list is Urban Decay, a risky, exotic and somewhat exuberant brand. It is known worldwide for its eyeshadow palette known for creating techniques such as Smokey Eye as well as the popular blush.

The best professional makeup brands in the beauty marketClinique

Something that makes Clinique completely unique is its special attention to the needs of sensitive skin. Its products are dermatologically tested and are especially recommended for people with oily skin or those who suffer from acne. It is a favourite of women who want a natural beauty with their makeup. Among its star products we find its allergen-free eyelash masks with a special beauty formula.

In addition to its cosmetics, Clinique also offers fresh and long-lasting fragrances that convey a sense of peace and harmony laden with floral scents, such as its Happy perfume for women (DIVAIN-095).

MAC Cosmetics

MAC has been considered one of the best makeup brands on the market for a few years. MAC Cosmetics, as well as their creation and innovation, has the perfect makeup formula thanks to its special dedication when looking for the best ingredients. The best MAC creations include a compact powder and mousse foundation that has a formula to blend perfectly on the skin


Of all the brands in this Top 10, this is one of the most accessible, since it can be found in any supermarket or cosmetic store. Maybelline has the best quality to price ratio. Their brightly coloured, creamy textured matte lipstick and liquid eyeliners are our favourites.

Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder is a high-end brand when it comes to makeup and beauty. What we like most about this elegant French firm is that its products are of the highest quality and ideal for all skin types and ages.

If you want to add an Estée Lauder scent to your outfit, to with your makeup, all eyes will be on you. Our suggestion is the Pleasures perfume (DIVAIN-118), a floral fragrance that will give you a hint of delicacy. 


Europe and America are not the only visionaries in the beauty industry. The exotic and popular Japanese brand Shiseido is also a favourite for professionals in the fashion world. We recommend their successful eyelash curler, an essential beauty product to give a natural and seductive touch to your eyes.

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