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The best long beard styles and short beard styles in 2020

The Top 11 Beard styles of 2020

There is nothing more mature, formal and attractive than a man with facial hair or a beard, but better still is a man with a perfectly manicured and trimmed beard or stubble.

In the world of men's facial hair, choosing the right beard style and shape is not just as simple as it sounds. As with women when choosing the right makeup, a man should always take the shape of his face into account to select a facial hair shape and style that enhances his qualities to the full and hides any unflattering characteristics. Also keep in mind that not all men can grow facial hair easily.

That is why in this article we have compiled the top long and short beard styles of 2020. Learn about all the different styles from full beards to short stubble and the moustache and choose the top styles for you!

Short beard styles

Discover which beard styles are best for your face shape The short beard is the most popular option for many men. It looks good on almost any face, although some short beard types are better suited to certain face shapes.

Circular Beard

One of the most classic models for men are circular beards, as it adapts to practically any face, especially triangular and square faces. The circular beard consists of a goatee on the chin that connects to a fairly simple mustache in the shape of a circle.

Royale or Padlock Beard

The padlock style beard consists of a small goatee (a tuft of beard that covers only the chin area) that remains separate from a floating mustache on top or with well trimmed stubble sides so it is just connected.

Short boxed beard

This style of beard covers the mustache and chin area running towards the sideburns, but with a clean shave hair line on the underside of the jaw.

Balbo Beard

The balbo beard is the best style for men who do not grow a lot of facial hair. It consists of a well-trimmed, separate beard and moustache, and a hair style without sideburns.

3-day stubble beard

Many young men who love the casual style go for this look that is just a trimmed beard looking like 3 days of facial hair growth or stubble. Simple enough to shave and maintain the best thing about this style is that it you can shave it perfectly with just a classic Gillette razor.

Mutton Chops

A style that is definitely not for any face. The Mutton Chops is a full beard look that is also known as a "Chopper". It consists of long sideburns, that extend down to the corners of the mouth and finish with a defined vertical line which you should shave at the corner of the mouth.

Anchor beard

The anchor beard is a model that best suits men who have a circular face, as it creates the illusion of angles on the face. This beard begins with a thin vertical strip of hair on the chin that runs down and traces the jawline, simulating the shape of an anchor, accompanied by a thin moustache.

Long Beard Styles

The best beard styles to be on trendThere are some lucky men for whom beard growth is not a problem and there are a number of top beards that look best on an oval or square shaped face. Remember to always keep your beard hair in good condition and well groomed to avoid the disheveled look!

Verdi Beard

The verdi beard is quite stylish, classic and inspired by Giusseppe Verdi, an opera composer. It is characterised by being long and rounded at the bottom. It is usually accompanied by a thin mustache that must be separated from the beard.

Hipster Beard

There is no better feeling for a man than the ability to grow a beard. This style is also known as a wild beard. Ideal to wear a casual look, but that requires a lot of care such as moisturizing and constantly detangling.

Goatee Beard

The goatee is well known and is worn by many famous actors and celebrities. It is particularly attractive on faces with a well-set jaw and should grow long only on the chin with the moustache hair remaining trimmed.

Garibaldi Beard

Don't be fooled by this full bearded look, the Garibaldi style requires a lot of work and maintenance. This type of beard is grown from the chin down, approximately 15 to 20 centimetres. The beard hair should be trimmed and the cheekbones and mustache area neat.

Now that you know what type of beard styles to choose to best highlight the qualities of your face, don't forget that beard and mustache care is essential if you want to set off your new style.

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