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Basic wardrobe perfumes for women


Your perfume is your most personal signature. Clothes, accessories, hairstyles also help us to express ourselves, but nothing gives us away as much as a perfume. How much easier is it for you to find clothes or hairstyles that you like (like these cool summer hairstyles) before a perfume that really identifies you? This is partly because of the olfactory memory and for the gigantic amount of nuances that exist in the world of perfumery.

Even though you have found the ideal perfume for you, it is normal that you get tired of wearing it all the days. Therefore, we want to show you a series of wardrobe perfumes for women that are essential in the collection of a good perfume lover.

Women's wardrobe perfumes for everyday use

Balenciaga Paris (DIVAIN-531)

Is there anything more feminine than the smell of spring? No! Paris by Balenciaga has a floral, fresh and vital touch that reminds you that life is constantly renewed. An ode to positivism and energy, which makes it a bedside fragrance for day to day.

Apply it in the morning, from very early, and joy will be the dominant note of your day.

With a women's wardrobe perfume you will be perfect on any occasion

Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana (DIVAIN-158)

With Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana you will be the perfect guest to any event. And we say any because it is an all-terrain eau de parfum, even though it is extremely subtle and feminine.

It has such a special scent that as soon as you apply it, you will think you are living a dream!

Narciso Rodriguez For Her by Narciso Rodriguez (DIVAIN-076)

What can we say about a perfume created by nothing more and nothing less than perfumers Francis Kurkdjian and Christine Nagel. Well, it is ideal and completely addictive, tremendously special. In addition, it provides a feeling of well-being and freshness that make it perfect to enjoy on a day-to-day basis. Simplicity and elegance in its purest form, therefore, it is an excellent wardrobe perfume: it will never go out of style.

The For Her fragrance collection by Narciso Rodríguez is an ode to sensuality and beauty, especially this one, launched in 2003. Its top notes, in which rose and peach stand out, are soft as a caress. Its heart is pure femininity, with notes of musk and amber. To top it off, it has a very sensual background based on sandalwood and patchouli.

Michael Kors and Dolce & Gabbana make ideal perfumes for all types of women

Women's wardrobe perfumes for special occasions

Sexy Amber by Michael Kors (DIVAIN-558)

Sometimes you need to feel powerful, glamorous and sexy, right? We guarantee that with it, you will feel that you can eat the whole world in one bite.

Amber, sandalwood and jasmine. Just three notes are enough to create an aroma so warm and enveloping that it will make you shine like nothing.

Escada magnetism (DIVAIN-124)

Escada's magnetism is, as its name suggests, magnetism in its purest form. Its notes are so sensual and attractive that it could not be missing from our list, since it is a perfume that never fails, perfect to wear on the most special occasions.

Its notes of black currants, red berries, lychee, magnolia, freesia, amber, rose, vanilla and almond blossom (among others); they will enhance your charms.

In addition, it has something that differentiates it and makes it an essential for, not only lovers of the world of perfumery, but absolutely all: it provides extreme security to the wearer, making her feel beautiful, special and sexy like never before.

If you get these wardrobe perfumes you will always be ready for any occasion that comes. Promised!

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