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A good lover of the world of perfumery has to have men's wardrobe perfumes


Are you one of those who remains faithful to a specific perfume for years and years, or do you change scent depending on the moment you are?

Your perfume can adapt to every moment of your life. Don't get pigeonholed: you evolve, your perfume too.

Surely you do not fancy the same things in winter as in summer, nor do you dress the same to go to work as for a wedding. Why would your perfume be different? Today we are going to suggest you a series of wardrobe perfumes for men, suitable for almost any occasion. So you can choose the one that best suits you and the different plans that arise in your routine.


A citrus perfume for men like this never fails. It is perfect to face every day, every obstacle and every pending task, whatever the type, as it provides unmatched vitality and a sensation of freshness.

Givenchy Play by Givenchy is one of the basic wardrobe perfumes for men that will conquer you whatever your tastes. And it is simple, but with a lot of personality. A youthful scent that revitalizes, perfect for going to the office and for any informal and relaxed plan that follows. An off-road perfume. Sounds good right?


Uomo by Valentino is the perfect scent if you want to make an impact with your presence and not go unnoticed. In any collection of perfumes, you cannot miss one like this, sophisticated and designed for more special occasions.

Its touch of leather makes the aroma stand out above the rest and take your breath away. It is classic and intense, capable of transmitting all the attractiveness and sensuality of the wearer. If you decide on this eau de parfum, we warn you that we are not responsible for the side effects it causes in those who accompany you, they will become addicted to your smell!


When in 1981 Pierre Boudon created this fragrance for the emblematic French fashion house, he was very clear about what he wanted to convey, who he wanted to inspire. Nothing more and nothing less than the mighty Greek Gods.

That is why this eau de parfum combines notes such as aldehydes, coriander, oak moss, carnation or tonka bean; to convey masculinity, strength, triumph.

We consider that it has to be on our list of men's wardrobe perfumes, because a fragrance that makes you feel powerful and successful cannot be missing from your day-to-day life.

Givenchy or Yves Saint Laurent are brands that have very special perfumes for men


This Bvlgari perfume cannot be missing from your collection as it brings the calm, peace and purity of nature wherever you are. And a breath of fresh air never hurts, right? Surely you miss it in your day to day, when you are in the office, in the street surrounded by people who come and go, or when you are "resting" at home listening to the noise of civilization in the background.

If you identify with this situation, this aroma is perfect because it will balance you and make you enter a state of harmony with your surroundings, making you face the day to day (with its consequent problems) with a more pleasant and positive energy.


We couldn't not mention this men's wardrobe perfume on our list. Why? Because it has EVERYTHING. It perfectly combines two completely antagonistic characteristics: it is versatile but intense and distinguished. How can it be? You will ask yourself. Very simple, due to the combination of its ingredients. Cardamom, mint, lavender and amber make up an elegant aroma in which citrus touches of bergamot and mandarin also stand out.

As soon as you try it, it will become your new safe bet, because it fits in any occasion. It is like a tailored suit, very complicated that does not suit you. If its name already says it, it hypnotizes you from the first moment you apply it!

In addition, it has its female version, Hypnose by Lancôme (DIVAIN-130). Find out more about it in our article on the 5 essential wardrobe perfumes for women.

What do you think of our selection? It has been very difficult to choose only 5 among the more than 600 perfumes that we have in our Catalogue… Take a look to discover them all!

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