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How to do balayage highlights at home step by step

How to do Balayage Highlights at home: a step by step guide

If you have never had highlights, raise your hand! Since this hair colouring technique was introduced to the world of hairdressing in the 40s, there are a very lucky few who have been able to resist them. You either have hair with a beautiful colour, or you probably have to resort to this technique to look enhance your natural beauty and add more light to your look and your face.

One of the most popular highlighting techniques today is the one known as Balayage. Today we want to tell you how to do balayage highlights at home. Why not give it a try?

What is the "balayage" technique?

First, let us tell you what the Balayage hair colour technique consists of, in case you are not familiar with this look.

Balayage comes from the French verb balayer, which means to sweep or brush and this acts as a perfect description as to how to work with this technique that was born in France in the 70s. It consists of adding colour hair by hair, lock by lock with a sweeping motion.

Thanks to these movements, impressive colour combinations and different intensities are created; with much more fluid and smooth transitions between some strands and others. Also, since the root of the hair is left intact and this is applies mainly to the ends of the hair your locks will appear to have a lot more movement with this style of colour.

The result? A much more natural graded or gradual look that you will love!

The hairdressing technique that will make your hair more beautifulDifference between balayage highlights and babylights

The main differences between balayage highlights and babylights, lies in their area of ​​application. While babylights are applied all over the hair, balayages are only done from mid way down the length of the hair, to the ends.

In addition, balayage offers a style with a naturally bleached look, since the strands of hair it is applied to are chosen one by one; babylights however, provide uniform colour throughout the hair and tend to just lighten it.

How to do your balayage highlights at home

Now yes, let's get to the complicated stuff! We are going to explain step by step how to do balayage highlights at home.

Everything you need to do your balayage highlights.

  • 20 volume hydrogen peroxide.
  • The colour dye or bleach you want to apply.
  • A brush to apply the dye to your hair.
  • A container to make the mixture.
  • Transparent film paper.
  • And gloves to avoid staining yourself.
  • Mix the components 

1. Mix the colour

Step 1 is to mix the bleaching powder or the dye with the hydrogen peroxide, (it is important that it is 20 volume), in the mixing bowl. Whilst doing this cut several pieces of transparent film. You will need them to cover your hair once you have applied the dye.

2. Study your physiognomy

If you want to achieve the best effect from the balayage technique and really help add light to your face and movement to your hair, you should first evaluate your face, hair and appearance to know where you should apply the highlights. We recommend that you add light to your hair in areas close to the face and that you apply the dye on both sides of the strands, always in a vertical motion so that the finished look is more natural.

Using Dyes at home is quick and easy3. Prepare your hair

Brush it out and divide it into several sections starting at the back. It is important that you take your time to divide your hair well and untangle it so that the result is looks like great natural beauty and as professional as possible.

4. Apply the dye

Next, get ready to apply the mixture you made with the dye or bleaching powders and the hydrogen peroxide. For the best results place the strand of hair on a piece of cling film and apply the dye on both sides of the hair to help add light.

Start at the position in the length of the hair that you want tp apply the hair colour, (never in the area of the roots, since as we have seen, this technique is applies from mid mength of the hair to the ends) and sweep the dye with the brush towards the tip of your hair. This is the area where the dye should be most intense, but, if you want a natural style to your look, you shouldn't colour your hair more than 2 tones lighter than the original shade for bayalage.

As for the amount, this depends on the effect you want to achieve. If you want a very intense colour you should you should use quite a bit, but if you only want to lighten some areas, just do some gentle sweeps with the brush with very little dye incertain areas of your hair.

Once you have finished colouring the hair strands, fold the plastic up so that it is completely covered and the dye will penetrate it better.

5. Let it rest

Once you have applied the colour highlights leave it on for about 20-30 minutes. Of course, each hair dye is different whether blonde, brown or other, so it is important that you follow the instruction of the product you are using carefully.

6.Wash your hair

When you see that your hair has a lightened hue that you want, wash your hair as usual. Use a regular shampoo, it is not necessary to use a special shampoo for balayage highlights from the beginning, but if you want to keep them for as long as possible, we recommend that you get one.

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