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Discover what amber is and what it is used for in perfumery

What is Amber and how is it used in perfumes?

Today Amber is a very important part of the perfume industry, it is widely used as an ingredient for the creation of all kinds of fragrances and is responsible for giving your skin a unique and unforgettable fragrance and glow.

In this article we will tell you all about Amber. What amber is, the different types and what the difference is between them. We will also tell you about their scent, use in fragrance and give you a list with a selection of the best perfume made with a note of amber that are completely irresistible!

What is amber?

Amber is in high demand by the best perfumers in the world mainly thanks to its aromatic properties.

There are two types of amber used in perfumery: ambergris, or grey amber, and yellow amber.
Although each has its own scent and characteristics, both are used in beauty to make perfumes for men and women, air fresheners for cars or for the house, candles and soaps so that you can enjoy a warm, sweet scent.

Amber in perfumes

List of the best amber perfumes on the marketWhat is ambergris? Properties and aromas

Ambergris is a natural mineral formed in the stomach secretion of sperm whales. When Sperm Whales expel vomit, it combines with salt and algae in the seawater. With the passage of time and thanks to the chemical reaction of its compounds, this secretion solidifies whilst it floats in the sea.

Collection is carried out on beaches and in coastal waters, so it is a difficult material to obtain and for this reason it is quite expensive. There is a very similar synthetic version, known as ambroxan, which is used mainly in the manufacture of cheap perfumes.

Ambergris has a strong smell of tobacco, algae and of course, the sea, but its true value is in the ability it has to unite different fragrances, creating a perfume of greater olfactory, or fragrance, intensity. Apart from this it is a great fixative that will make your perfume last on your skin for a long time.

What is yellow amber? Characteristics and fragrances

Yellow amber, unlike grey, is the result of the mixture of a type of resin, vanilla and patchouli, resulting in a sweet and slightly dry essence.

It is manufactured from scratch in factories for beauty or perfume shops because it is a compound, not a natural ingredient. This makes it much more accessible than ambergris, so its use is more common in the world of perfume, scented candles, air fresheners for the car, etc ...

Among its best characteristics, yellow amber is used to balance fragrance notes by compensating for acidic tones and sobering them with sweet ones. Likewise, it is an excellent fixative, since it has resin and vanilla in its formula, which in addition to providing a sophisticated, sweet and distinctive touch, is even capable of fixing a fragrance on hard objects such as buttons or jewellery bringing your favourite Eau de Parfum back hours after application.

The best perfumes with Amber

Amber in perfume and main differences between grey and yellow amberNEROLI PORTOFINO BY TOM FORD

Launched in 2011, this unisex perfume stands out for having amber notes in the background, which translates into a perfect balance between its citrus notes and its white floral notes. Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino (DIVAIN-560) has top notes of bergamot, mandarin orange and lemon.


Introduced to the world in 1990, this eau de toilette is a symbol of feminine beauty, perfect for the classic woman. Sisley Eau Du Soir (DIVAIN-165) stands out for its fruity essences such as grapefruit and mandarin that are accompanied by woody notes such as oak moss and Virginia juniper.


This perfume is a great option if you are looking for a white floral day or night scent with notes of jasmine and amber. Thierry Mugler's Alien for Women (DIVAIN-091) is intoxicating and is primarily thinking to make it big at night.


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