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Recreate the makeup of the 20s step by step

20's makeup trends & step by step guide

 Do you want to recreate a 20th century look for a special occasion? If the style of the crazy 20s is your favourite and you want to know all the tips and tricks about the makeup trends and beauty ideals of this time used by the flapper women, keep reading, this article in our blog is going to be of interest.
Fashion trends, both for men and women, have been changing with the passing of the years, but if we focus on their history and evolution, it is no surprise that at some point, the makeup style of the 1920s will return.

If this vintage fashion trend does return or if you simply want to impress with a classic and vintage look, it is essential that you know the fashion trends, including the 20s makeup women used and how to recreate this natural beauty look.

History and makeup trends of the 1920s

Discover how to do a makeup of the 20s and the trends of the timeThe beginning of the 20th century was key in the history of makeup, especially due to the arrival of Max Factor in the United States during the First World War. This in fashion cosmetics brand began to launch products that revolutionised the women's beauty market.
Eye shadows, eyebrows, pencils for eyebrows, mascara and even lip gloss and lipstick were some of the products that began to be part of the 1920s style. For this reason the makeup of this decade is considered the driving force for the following decades, the 30s, 40s and 50s.
This time also marked the flapper women in the US known fo their energetic freedom, the beginning of the beauty 'Pin Up', that decades later became popular thanks to characters like Marilyn Monroe, a celebrity who changed stereotypes of this vintage time, demonstrating that women with short hair can also be synonymous with glamor.

How to do 20's makeup

History of makeup from the 20s and celebrities that marked this decadeAchieving a vintage 20s makeup and hair effect with the products you use today is not complicated. The makeup style was simple and elegant. But if you want the makeup to be as original as possible then here are a few tips:


The makeup style of 1920s fashion was focused on making the eyes and lips stand out. Women used beauty powder to whiten their face and neck to make their skin appear like that of a porcelain doll, without imperfection.
To achieve this makeup effect, use a good coverage matte base with skin concealer for dark circles around the eyes and on the high points of the face to enhance your features. When finished, dust your face and neck with a translucent compact powder.


Eyes were the protagonists of 1920's vintage makeup. To highlight your eyes you need black mascara, a black eyeliner, a white or nude eyeliner and a matte eye shadow palette.
Start by dusting the eyelid with a grey or brown eye shadow to give depth and a rounded shape. Try to sweep the shadow across the entire eyelid along the natural upper lash line.
Next, with the help of the black eyeliner, draw a thin line on the line of your lashes on your upper lid to open the look and, finally, proceed to place the white or light coloured eyeliner on the water line or interior or the lower lashes.
Next is the dramatic finish with mascara. Finish off with a generous layer of black mascara on your upper and lower lashes. The more open and curved the black lashes are, the more dramatic the look will be.


Although the cheekbones are not the focus of this look, you can choose two options: do not apply makeup or add a little pink or peach blush to give a healthy touch to your skin. However, in this makeup the fewer colors you use on your skin, the better. Lips and your eyes should be the centre of attention with this pale skin make up style.


Lipstick in strong colours like red or garnet were key to achieving elegant and sophisticated makeup. In this case, matte lipstick will be your best option. Also, if you want your lip look to be powerful, use a lip liner to shape your mouth and show off that effect of the heart-shaped lips so characteristic of the time y voila!

With those dark eyes and bright lips you are sure to attract some attention!

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