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Planet First


At DIVAIN, we are committed to the planet. For the Earth, for us. 
For today and for the future.

Our products are a way of feeling life. And the best life is one that is at peace with nature and animals. That is why at DIVAIN Parfums we awaken sensations and emotions always from a sense of social responsibility, caring for our planet and promoting a Planet First attitude of environmental awareness.
Every day we try to change the world with small, sustainable actions that make a difference and contribute to improving our future. We are proof that you can create quality products responsibly that respect the planet and animal life.

By nature

Nature must be cared for, respected and loved. Because what it gives us, no one else gives us. And that is why, since we started this adventure, we have been committed to the environment. We carry out sustainable measures in all our processes, from packaging designed with 100% recycled cardboard, to waste management, to a Try&Buy return service that encourages responsible consumption.

For the animals

At DIVAIN we love animals! In addition to protecting and caring for their habitat, we are Cruelty Free. None of the raw materials we use for the manufacture of our perfumes are previously tested on animals. Moreover, 99% of our catalogue is made up of vegan perfumes that have absolutely no components of animal origin.


99% of the perfumes in our catalogue are made from natural, high-quality ingredients and raw materials that are not derived from animals and animal by-products.

(UN SDG: Goal 12 Responsible Production and Consumption)

Cruelty Free

We fight against animal suffering and abuse. None of our products have been previously tested on animals. We have adapted and sought innovative and ethical alternatives to test the efficacy and safety of each of our products.

(UN SDG: Goal 12 Responsible Production and Consumption)

The planet can live without us, but we cannot live without it.
Every small gesture counts - join in!