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Discover the best make-up tricks for looking younger

10 make-up tricks to make you look younger

As the years go by, wrinkles and fine lines begin to take centre stage on the face. However, with the necessary care and a good make-up that conceals the signs of age, you will achieve a fresh and youthful face full of light. Here are the best make-up tips to make you look younger.

Best make-up tricks for a more youthful look

Before we tell you the tricks we have for you, first we advise you to follow a facial cleansing and moisturising routine so that your skin is always prepared before applying make-up. Here we leave you a post with all the steps to follow to look young and perfect.

Make-up tips for youthful, fresh and beautiful skin

Pre-base is the key

The first thing in your make-up routine to look younger is to start with a good primer to set your make-up well. This primer should conceal wrinkles or expression lines, leaving the face uniform and much more luminous. We recommend that you choose one that is light and, if possible, reduces the appearance of pores.

Eliminates dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles and bags under the eyes are that great enemy that often add years to our age. To eliminate them, the best thing to do is to have a concealer for dark circles under the eyes. But be careful, because we often make the mistake of applying too much concealer to conceal them and this can have the opposite effect, as it will leave the expression lines much more marked.

To apply it correctly, we recommend that you apply a very thin layer and spread it with small taps. If you need more, you can always add a few more coats. Finally, don't forget to set it with translucent powder. Also, check out our article on how to apply concealer for under-eye circles because we explain it all step by step.

Best tips and tricks to look younger with your make-up

The illuminator

Restore vitality to your face with a highlighter that will create a rejuvenating effect. Apply it to the forehead, nose, Cupid's bow, cheekbones and centre of the eyelid. It's best to apply it before foundation, but you can also apply it after without any problem.

The make-up base

Choosing the right foundation for your skin tone is the key to looking younger. Avoid going for darker shades. It's best if your foundation is the same shade as your skin tone or slightly lighter to add light and create a rejuvenating effect.

On the other hand, avoid too greasy foundations, opt for those with sun protection and don't forget to always apply it with a sponge so that it is uniform. By the way! In our post about the best low cost foundations you will find great quality products at a very good price.

Colours and shades to look younger

If you want to look younger, avoid very dark shades of shadow in your make-up. Black or brown are serious colours that will not make you look young at all. However, colours like pink, salmon or blue are much more cheerful and will give light and freshness to your eyes.

Also, choose matte textures instead of shimmers because they blend with the skin much better and conceal fine lines more easily. Check out the best eyeshadow palettes we've selected for you here.

Eye pencil

For your eyes, avoid a black pencil underneath and opt for a white pencil instead. Also add a little highlighter to the tear trough. This way, you'll get a look with much more depth.

Don't forget to volumize your lashes with a black mascara to make your eyes look even bigger. A trick for the lower lashes is to only apply mascara from the centre outwards.


Eyebrows can really help your face look young if you know how to wear them. Forget thin, defined eyebrows and go for thick, tousled eyebrows - they add a lot more vibrancy and freshness. You can use an eyebrow pencil in the same shade as your hair to add volume. And if you want to create a lifting effect, apply a little highlighter under the arch of the eyebrow.


Over the years the cheekbones lose collagen and this causes them to sag slightly, so the trick to restore that youthfulness to your face is to apply blusher on the upper part of the cheekbones.


The trick to make your lips look young and full is to line them with a pencil in exactly the same shade as the lipstick you use. You can use any colour you like, but if your eyes are heavily made up, for example, it's best to opt for nude tones. On the other hand, if you're not wearing a lot of make-up, you can opt for more intense colours that make your lips the star of the show. Of course, don't forget to exfoliate and moisturise your lips regularly with Vaseline.

Take a look at our article because we tell you about the most common types of lips and the best tips to make them up.

Homemade face masks for younger looking skin

Finally, to complete your beauty routine, you can always opt for a homemade natural face mask that you can apply once a week or whenever you see fit. You can use a lot of ingredients to make them and depending on what you use, they can have different benefits for your skin. For example, one of the most popular is the cucumber mask which combats dry skin and helps to repair it, leaving it much softer and hydrated.
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