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Pure argan oil has many beneficial properties for skin health

The properties of pure Argan Oil: a must in the beauty world!

If you live in this world it is impossible that you have not heard of pure argan oil. It is one of the most appreciated aesthetic products thanks to its large number of regenerating, moisturizing and nourishing properties. In fact, it is known as the liquid gold of Morocco, a place where the argan tree is endemic, whose fruits provide this oil.

Now, without further delay, we are going to discover everything that this powerful essential oil can do for your skin and hair.

Argan oil: properties and contraindications

Pure argan oil is rich in vitamin E, vitamin A and contains a large amount of antioxidants such as tocopherols, which help the skin to fight against aging.

In order to benefit 100% of all the properties that make it up, it is necessary that this is pure argan oil, not treated. Although for specific moments or less affected areas of your skin or hair, you can always get an argan oil cream in a cosmetic store, since its application is much easier.

We are going to see some of the most remarkable properties of this liquid gold.

Argan oil is obtained from the ripe seeds of the argan tree

Argan oil for face

The benefits of argan oil on the face are indisputable. And it is that this oil is one of the most hydrating that exists on the face of the Earth, it incredibly helps the skin and softens it. And an important fact: it hydrates but does not lubricate, that is, it does not generate more oil, so it is also ideal for treating the dreaded acne.

And to combat blemishes on the face? Well too! If you want to use argan oil for face blemishes, just add a few drops of this oil to your toner every night (always with make-up removed and clean as a whistle), dab it on the face, massage it good and let it act overnight. Repeat this procedure about three times a week for a couple of months and you will see how the spots are less and less noticeable. Magic? No, pure argan oil.

Although we highlight its use for the face, this product is also great for the skin in general.

Benefits of argan oil for hair

Do you have dry, frizzy and dull hair? Well, you can't live another minute without introducing argan oil into your life.

And is that your hair looks like this because of the abuse it suffers from day to day: colorations, heat and pollution make the natural oil (sebum) present in the scalp less and less and that the hair needs a supplement to keep you healthy and strong. And this supplement is none other than this essential oil, since due to its properties, it is super absorbent and your hair will completely quench its thirst when applied.

Ah! And as if that weren't enough, argan oil straightens hair ... that's nothing. So now you know, if you want to show off a hair worthy of Rapunzel, apply an argan oil mask once a week.

Argan oil for eyelashes and eyebrows

This essential oil is also great for beautifying the eyebrows (especially if you have thin and weak eyebrows and you want to give them volume) and to strengthen and give volume to the eyelashes.

And how to apply oil on the eyelashes? Although it sounds complicated, it is super simple. You just have to put a few drops on a toothbrush (although much better if you reuse the brush of an already used mascara, yes, very clean) and apply it directly on the eyelashes. Do it every night after removing your makeup and before going to sleep, because this way the oil will absorb itself without hindrance.

 Build it in and do it consistently. In two or three months your lashes will be so strong and lush that you can say goodbye to mascara.

Hair, nails and even eyelashes will benefit greatly if you use this essential oil


Despite its many benefits, pure argan oil can cause eye or wound irritation if misused. Therefore, if your skin is damaged or suffers from any pathology (such as dermatitis or recent wounds), consult your doctor before using it.

Now that you have seen the benefits of this product, we hope you are encouraged to use it. And it is that it has not become one of the kings of cosmetics by mere chance.

Remind you that at DIVAIN we are true fans of essential oils, so if you also want to know everything about them and introduce them into your beauty routine, take a look at the properties of rosehip oil, of calendula oil or of avocado oil. After using them, your life will experience a before and after. Really good.

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