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Roses are one of the most used flowers in the world of perfumery

The 13 best rose perfumes

The queen of flowers, a symbol of love and romanticism, has a unique and timeless scent, making it a very recurring ingredient in the world of perfumery. They have the reputation of being "more classic perfumes", but we come to disprove this false myth, since there are hundreds of modern fragrances that smell or have a touch of this flower.

You do not believe it? Well, try one of the ones that we propose in our list of the 13 best rose perfumes:

Rose perfumes for women

Essence by Narciso Rodriguez (DIVAIN-144)

Few rose perfumes are as timeless and clean smelling as this one. Not surprisingly, the American designer is characterized by his neat creations, in a classic but modern style, which delight women with a taste for sophistication and femininity. If you like this type of scent, you have to see these clean smelling perfumes.

Essence It is made up of only four ingredients, rose and iris at the top, benzoin at the heart and musk at the bottom; but they are more than enough to make this fragrance totally unforgettable.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet by Christian Dior (DIVAIN-569)

This perfume is made for you if, in addition to roses, you love all flowers in general. And you will see that as soon as you apply it, you feel that you have teleported to a beautiful flower shop full of life.

Among its components we highlight the pink peony, the Damask rose or the peach. Delicious!

Trésor Midnight Rose Perfume by Lancôme (DIVAIN-541)

Do you like to feel seductive and desired? And who doesn't, right! Well, with this perfume you will get it. Perfect to break hearts and attract all eyes thanks to its sweet but floral and spicy scent.

And as you can imagine, being a perfume that is inspired by love, it had to wear pink. This time on your way out, so that you notice it as soon as you apply it.

Agua Fresca de Rosas Blancas by Adolfo Dominguez (DIVAIN-157)

White roses symbolize purity, innocence and freshness, attributes that are undoubtedly also present in the Agua Fresca de Rosas Blancas fragrance by Adolfo Domínguez. Ideal to wear throughout the day and distill style and elegance wherever you go.

This is a version of what is already a classic in the world of perfumery: perfume Agua Fresca de Rosas (DIVAIN-086). And since we are talking about rose water... do you know all its benefits? Find out in our article on how to make rose water.

There are many types of roses such as the Damascus rose or the Moroccan rose


Sophistication, elegance, magnetism and, above all, sensuality. All these sensations (and more) can be found in this perfume with New York airs. Ideal to wear on a night out with friends and feel like the most VIP in the club.

And we do not say it for saying, since among its ingredients it has nothing more and nothing less than champagne rosé, a drink that cannot be missing in any chic party worth its salt.

Pink Roses by Mancera (DIVAIN-698)

Pink Roses by Mancera is one of those eau de parfum so captivating that it is extremely difficult to forget (if not impossible). Addictive and perfect for the daytime plans you have during the spring since it has green, citrus (such as bergamot or Calabrian mandarin) and floral components, among which, of course, the Bulgarian rose stands out in its top notes and that of Morocco in the heart.

Such a refreshing springtime scent had to have not one, but two kinds of rose!

Peony & Blush Suede by Jo Malone (DIVAIN-616)

The English firm is characterized by having a large number of exquisite and innovative fragrances, among which some with a touch of roses like this could not be missing.

At the heart of Peony & Blush Suede we find notes of four super feminine flowers: peony, jasmine, carnation and, of course, rose. If you adore these flowers, we can't think of a better scent for you.

Rose The One by Dolce & Gabbana (DIVAIN-087)

As we have mentioned before, the rose is a flower that, in addition to love, represents purity and innocence, so a perfume like Rose The One, from the Italian designer duo, had to wear them. And it is that its creators were inspired by the image of a sweet woman, who lives life with the illusion that innocence carries and does not conceive it without love.

We can't think of another ingredient that better defines these characteristics, don't you think?

Rose perfumes for men and unisex

Montale Black Aoud (DIVAIN-321)

Ravishing and masculine fragrances can also include roses in their components. Proof of this is the Black Aoud eau de parfum, in which the rose-oud scent of its exit stands out, combined with woody notes in its heart and base. In the latter, the rose petals also stand out.

It is ideal for the most special night plans, in which you want to show that you live life with passion and intensity.

Dune Pour Homme by Christian Dior (DIVAIN-346)

Another rose perfume for men that shows that this flower can become very masculine if combined with the right scents. In this case it is made with fig leaves and bark, sage, basil, sandalwood, cedar or tonka bean.

Perfect to cool off and feel connected with nature, even if you find yourself in your office first thing on a Monday morning. This is how the days are better faced!

Wild Rose Oud by Mancera (DIVAIN-706)

Do you have a special occasion coming up?Well, you have found your best companion (with permission for the one who really is). It is fresh and informal but very special, thanks to its hints of red Turkish rose, Egyptian jasmine and oud wood.

And you know what's best? That it is unisex, so if you are a woman and your companion is a man or vice versa, you can both wear this fragrance, and attract all eyes. More blended impossible!

Velvet Rose & Oud Cologne Intense by Jo Malone (DIVAIN-579)

The English designer is characterized by her innovative creations and a strong personality, and this fragrance is one of her best examples. The Damascus rose provides it with character and body, making it perfect for both women and men to wear.

Rose D'Arabie Armani Privé by Giorgio Armani (DIVAIN-662)

This unisex eau de parfum doesn't have a conventional rose smell, no. And it is that its own name indicates that it is a rose of Arabia, exotic and intoxicating. To achieve this exoticism, they have used damask rose, better known as the Damascus rose.

This beautiful flower is accompanied by other components such as saffron, patchouli or golden amber. Ideal to enjoy on the most intense winter nights that have no end.

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