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Best original and personalized gift ideas for your partner

Original and Romantic gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend

Throughout the year there are plenty of special dates perfect to celebrate with your favourite person: Valentine's Day, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Christmas, etc. If one of those important days with your boyfriend or girlfriend is approaching and you are looking for the perfect gift, in the list below you can find some original and romantic ideas to shop for and surprise your partner like never before and show your love. Read on and take note!

Find out what to give your partner to show your love in the most original wayTop gift ideas for your wife or girlfriend

They say that men are not the best at choosing gifts, although they also say that it is very difficult to find the perfect gift for women. Either way, here is a little inspiration and a few gift ideas for your girlfriend or wife.

Personalised Bracelets

If you are looking for an original gift that your wife can proudly show off every day, why not opt for a personalised bracelet. The gift can be engraved with name, anniversary date or even the coordinates of the place where you first met.

A complete outfit

If that special woman in your life loves fashion, another favourite gift to buy is a complete outfit. Shop for shoes, shop for clothes and shop for accessories that match! This creates a very thoughtful and again personalised gift outfit to go out and celebrate that Birthday, Wedding Anniversary or Valentines day. She will love it!

A romantic letter or card

Sometimes you don't need to invest too much in a gift to make it unforgettable. They say the best things in life are free! If you are going to celebrate an anniversary with your girlfriend or wife there is nothing more thoughtful than writing a love letter or card. Women appreciate original details like this more than the material. So don't think about it anymore, take a pen and paper and express your feelings and love for her!

Which perfumes make a good gift?

Another well received gift by your wife is always her favourite perfume. For women, perfume is essential to go out feeling fresh and full of energy. If you don't know which perfume your lady uses or she does not have a favourite, one of these options will surely be right: Chance by Chanel (DIVAIN-126), J'adore by Dior (DIVAIN-063) or the unisex Calvin Klein CK One (DIVAIN-030).

What to give your partner to surprise her on that special dateTop gift ideas boyfriends and husbands

Your boyfriend also needs to feel like the most important man in your life and from time to time know how much you love him. How easy it is to find gifts for men will depend on how well you know your partner. If you're still feeling a bit indecisive, if you are struggling for a gift for a birthday, valentines day or wedding anniversary here are some gift ideas.

A video game

Your mans birthday is coming and you feel like she already has everything. We know it's easy to panic and wander around the shop aimlessly. Think about your husband, his hobbies, what does he love? Buy a related gift. A day fishing, a day car racing maybe?
If he is a fan of computers, buy him a new game, the most popular or one he has been looking forward to playing. He is sure to love it!

A romantic dinner

Men also love romantic gifts. If Valentine's Day, your wedding anniversary or his birthday is approaching and you are still looking for the perfect idea to express your feelings, it is time to plan a romantic dinner for your boyfriend or husband to show your love.
Take him to one of the best restaurants in the city or prepare his favourite and organise a romantic evening at home. He will be sure to remember your anniversary or Valentines day next year!

Photo Album

If what you want is a gift to remember your best moments, a personalised photo book gifts are ideal. You can buy books online with a cover dedicated to a birthday or anniversary or your valentine. You can tell your story in the most visual way and leave space for those moments you still have to live.

Fragrances for a husband or boyfriend

Again one of the most personalised gifts you can buy your husband or partner for Valentines birthday or anniversary; his favourite fragrance. If he doesn't have a favourite and you are looking for the best we recommend the following: Sauvage by Dior (DIVAIN-222), Aqua di Gio by Armani (DIVAIN-027) or the classic Terre by Hermés (DIVAIN-039). Dont forget a lovely card signed with a beautiful message too.

Some of these gift ideas are classic, others are original gifts, but we assure you they will make your partner feel like the most special person in the world (or at least in your world) and ensure your valentine for next year. Don't be afraid, show your love, choose one of our suggestions to make the perfect personalised gift.


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