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Eliminating cellulite from the thighs and legs is one of the most common goals

How to remove cellulite from the thighs: 9 habits that do not fail

Cellulite is the enemy number 1 of millions of women around the world, especially the one found on the thighs; so there are thousands and thousands of myths and miracle treatments that claim to eradicate it in record time. But despite what these remedies and beauty gurus promise ... there are no miracles: you can't get rid of cellulite in a week. Eradicating it requires time, commitment and perseverance.

Today we bring you a series of habits that will help you, little by little, get rid of cartridge belts and cellulite. Do you want to meet them? Well let's get to it!

What is cellulite: habits to eliminate it

Cellulite is a more common cosmetic problem than you think: it affects about 90% of the world's women. Men can also suffer from it, although to a lesser extent, since they have less connective tissue and less concentration of fat in the hips and thighs, facts that decrease the chances of developing it.

It appears due to the alteration of circulation in the hypodermis (the thickest layer of the skin), so that the existing fat increases and presses the connective tissue, forming small dimples that resemble the skin of an orange. There are various levels of cellulite, from the very localized and barely perceptible to the more accentuated and widespread.

It is usually caused by hormonal changes, excess fat, genetics, dehydration or leading an unhealthy lifestyle. But fortunately, there are a series of habits that help to eliminate it.

There are exercises, massages and aesthetic treatments that help prevent celluliteDrink a lot of water:Water is the elixir of life par excellence. It helps us eliminate toxins and promotes blood circulation, which causes the cells to oxygenate much better.


Reduce the consumption of salt:Excessive consumption of this ingredient leads to fluid retention, something that worsens the degree of cellulite present on the thighs. Swap it out for intense spices that add flavor, like turmeric, pepper, or oregano.


Massage the cellulite area:Massages contribute to the activation of blood circulation, one of the best remedies to prevent cellulite. They can be done through various techniques and elements, such as dry skin brushing (keep reading and we will show you how to do it).


Do exercise:Exercise is essential to keep us healthy both inside and out. It helps to eliminate cellulite since exercising increases fat loss, and you know that the less fat, the less cellulite.


Exfoliate the skin:Exfoliation contributes to the removal of dead skin cells and the activation of blood circulation. It is especially effective if you do it with a natural coffee scrub, which you can also do at home. You only need to mix 50 grams of ground coffee, 3 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Once the mixture is made, apply it to the skin, massage and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water and repeat the process a couple of times a week.


Take care of the diet:Control the intake of saturated fat and hypercaloric foods. The diet of intermittent fasting it can come in handy. Only then will you be able to truly eliminate cellulite from the thighs.


Showering with cold water:This is something that also helps to reactivate the blood circulation. It costs but you will see how it will be worth it.


Avoid spending too much time in the same position:If you stay too long in the same position, blood circulation slows down. Therefore, it is good that, if you have to stand for a long time, move your legs or take small walks, and if you have to sit down, get up to stretch your legs every hour.


Do not wear tight clothing or heels continuously:These clothes make the blood circulate worse. Every now and then, fine, but forget about dressing like this on a daily basis.


Exercises to eliminate cartridge belts and cellulite

Orange peel and cellulite are not the same

The following exercises are especially recommended to tone the skin in the holster and thigh area, which will make cellulite less and less present. Do them about three times a week and you will see how little by little you begin to notice the results.

Calf Raise

Stand on a step, letting your heels stick out, lift your ankles to stand on your toes, and hold in that position for a few seconds. Slowly lower yourself until your heel is lower than the front of your foot. Do four sets of 10 reps.

Squats and lunges

These are the kings of leg exercises, as they tone them like no other. Making them is very simple, we already explained it to you in our article about the best strength training at home.

The bridge

Lie on your back with your legs bent and your feet flat on the floor. Raise your hips until they are aligned with your knees, as if you want to bridge your body. Hold in this position for a few seconds while squeezing your glutes. Go down and back up, repeating the movement about 15 or 20 times per set.

Jump rope

This is a very complete exercise that helps you burn a lot of calories in a short time. In addition, since the greatest impact is in the lower body, your legs and glutes will tone up without even realizing it.

Massages and aesthetic treatments to eliminate cellulite

There are also multiple massages and aesthetic treatments that help reduce cellulite, as well as reducing creams and anti-cellulite.

One of the best techniques is dry skin brushing, as it promotes blood circulation and reduces the presence of toxins and fluids. To do it, you simply have to get a natural fiber brush and gently massage the skin, focusing on the buttocks, legs and other areas invaded by cellulite.

Although if you prefer, you can go to a beauty center where you will perform various treatments to eliminate it, such as mesotherapy (injection of small doses of homeopathic substances that dissolve excess fat and toxins); pressotherapy (air pressure on the skin that generates lymphatic drainage) or electrostimulation (application of small electrical currents that contract the muscles in a controlled way, thus exercising the most difficult areas).

As you can see, the elimination of this great enemy is not impossible, it is enough to have perseverance, desire and good habits. You can!

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