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Vetiver is a plant widely used in the world of perfumery

Vetiver perfumes: the scent of the Earth

Although the best known perfumes are those that have floral notes, the perfumes with notes of cinnamon or the fruity perfumes; There are also other ingredients that are much more exotic and different, such as vetiver. How? You don't know what vetiver perfumes are? Well, don't stop reading and you will find out!

What is vetiver?

Chrysopogon zizanioides, also known as vetiver is a plant from which an essential oil highly appreciated in the world of perfumery is extracted, by distilling its root. Why? Due to its fixing and harmonizing effect on fragrances, which makes them integrate better with each other and their aroma lasts much longer.

Before we mentioned that it is an exotic ingredient, and it is endemic to areas such as Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Haiti and certain regions of India. Its use was traditionally related to food, religious offerings, medicinal purposes and, of course, the manufacture of perfumes. It is very resistant and does not have very marked climatic requirements, so it can grow in other warm Asian countries and islands in southern Africa.

What does vetiver smell like?

The aroma of vetiver is known as the representative smell of the Earth. And is that the smell of vetiver is green, woody, earthy, oriental, dry, bitter and with a refreshing citrus touch that makes it unique. But above all, intense. Not suitable for sensitive noses!

Its aroma has the ability to intoxicate and relax everyone who wears it. It is widely used in aromatherapy and niche perfumery, and its citrus touch is ideal for the most summery and refreshing fragrances.

Given its characteristics, this ingredient is more used in men's fragrances, although more and more perfumers dare to include it in women's perfumes.

Have you gotten the bug of trying them? Well, we are going to see some of the best fragrances with vetiver that exist, both for women and men.

The intensity and masculinity of vetiver perfumes is unmatched

Best perfumes with vetiver for women

Cabotine de Grès (DIVAIN-503)

Vetiver helps make this perfume tremendously versatile. On the one hand it is sweet and tender, but on the other it exudes elegance and character; making it ideal for women in their thirties. Among its notes, a lot of fruits and flowers stand out, as well as woody notes and vetiver. The result? A cocktail of sensations that will not leave you indifferent and that will be your best companion in the spring.

Escada Magnetism by Escada (DIVAIN-124)

In this eau de parfum, vetiver is mixed with sweeter and more intoxicating ingredients such as vanilla, caramel or amber, which result in a much more sensual aroma than what fragrances with this exotic ingredient have us used to.

Perfect to give you a safety shot: you will feel more attractive and beautiful than ever.

Rive Gauche by Yves Saint Laurent (DIVAIN-175)

Another cocktail of sensations is this Yves Saint Laurent Eau de Parfum. And it is that it has a lot of very different scent notes! But of course, one of the ones that brings more intensity and body to the fragrance is vetiver.

If you are a nature lover but you are forced to do your routine in the city and want to escape, give it a try! It is your fragrance.

Diesel Fuel For Life Femme (DIVAIN-152)

In a fragrance that is an ode to freedom and to live squeezing every second, ingredients as fresh and intense as mandarin orange, patchouli, pink pepper, nutmeg, jasmine ... and of course, vetiver could not be missing.

Intense and perfect to enjoy life as if there were no tomorrow.

Best men's perfumes with vetiver

Boss in Motion by Hugo Boss (DIVAIN-272)

For energetic men who do not stand still. The freshness and intensity of vetiver marry perfectly with the sandalwood and woody notes that also make up this fragrance.

Terre D'Hermès Eau Intense Vétiver by Hermès (DIVAIN-341)

This version of the mythical perfume Terre D'Hermès (DIVAIN-039)it is even more masculine, virile and powerful. An ideal aroma to feel fully in tune with nature and enjoy every moment. Vetiver is complemented by notes of Sichuan pepper, grapefruit, incense and patchouli, among others.

Dior Fahrenheit (DIVAIN-048)

Different, fascinating and intoxicating like few others. Fahrenheit by Dior will give you a unique olfactory experience. For men fed up with conventions who seek to delve even further into the world of perfumery and dazzle everyone around them with a unique fragrance.

L.12.12. Lacoste White (DIVAIN-046)

In this case, the essence of vetiver adds a sophisticated and exclusive touch to the fragrance, which is fresh, young and completely out of the ordinary.

If you decide to try perfumes with vetiver and you see that you like them, dare also with perfumes of the fougère olfactory familywoody perfumes, or perfumes of the olfactory family cypre. Its aromas are also reminiscent of the earth and refresh like nothing else.You will love them!

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