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Find out what vegan perfumes are and how to identify them.

Vegan perfumes: what are they, how to identify them and which are the best?

At DIVAIN, as well as supporting the environment through the Planet First movement, we also make 100% vegan perfumes. To give you a little more insight into this world, we bring you a post with all the information you need about what a vegan perfume is and how you can identify it so that you don't fall into the trap.

What is a vegan perfume

Vegan perfumes are those that are made with natural ingredients and raw materials that do not come from animals and animal derivatives. Thanks to society's awareness, more and more laws prohibit the use of certain ingredients of animal origin in the manufacture of products. Although it is true that some, such as ambergris, are still used.

How to tell if my perfume is vegan

To recognise whether or not it is a vegan perfume, you should look closely at the ingredients that make it up. A vegan perfume is one that does not contain animal derivatives such as honey and leather, or secretions such as ambergris or musk, which are often used to increase the scent's fixation.

These are some of the ingredients of a NON-vegan perfume:

  • Ambergris: The ambergris notes contained in some fragrances come from a secretion of whales and sperm whales that they expel into the sea.
  • Musk: With a rather intense aroma, musk is an ingredient obtained from the salivary glands of the musk deer.
  • Castoreum: has an aroma reminiscent of leather and is a note obtained by extracting the perineal glands of the beaver.
  • Leather
  • Honey

Vegan and cruelty free perfume brands

Difference between a vegan perfume and a cruelty-free perfume

You should know that a vegan perfume and a cruelty-free perfume do not mean the same thing. While a vegan perfume is one that does not use animal-derived ingredients, a cruelty-free perfume is one in which no animal has been exploited or made to suffer during the manufacturing process. For example, perfumes that are tested on animals are not cruelty-free.

Thus, a vegan fragrance that is only made with plant-based ingredients may not be cruelty-free if it is first tested on animals.

Vegan perfume brands

There are more and more brands that are committed to this philosophy when manufacturing and designing their products. At DIVAIN more than 99% of the perfumes in our catalogue are made without any components of animal origin. We are also Cruelty Free, as none of our fragrances are tested on animals.

The 4 best vegan perfumes you need

These are some of the best vegan perfumes on the market. The ingredients used in the elaboration of these fragrances are 100% of natural or vegetable origin. Discover them!

DIVAIN-196, similar Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

Enjoy an exciting combination of natural, oriental and spicy notes. A limitless addiction inspired by the aromas of old London full of elegance and distinctionDIVAIN-196, similar to Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford, features an explosive top note of tobacco leaves and spicy notes that fuses with a delicious heart of vanilla and cocoa wrapped in a warm base of dried fruits and woody notes. Irresistible!

Best vegan perfumes for men and women

DIVAIN-564, similar This is Her by Zadig & Voltaire

Designed for daring and free women, DIVAIN-564, similar to This is Her by Zadig & Voltaire, presents a world of unique sensations. A scent that conquers from its delicate floral notes to its creamy heart of chestnut, whipped cream and vanilla, a vegan perfume that breaks all stereotypes! Dare to try it!

DIVAIN-913, similar to Black Phantom by Kilian

DIVAIN-913, similar to Kilian's Black Phantom, invites you to enjoy an exciting voyage across the Seven Seas. A unisex scent inspired by the pirates' favourite drink that will win you over as soon as it touches your skin. Its intense combination of natural ingredients creates a fragrance with character and totally unexpected with which you will be the centre of attention.

DIVAIN-039, similar to Terre de Hermès

Finally, another of the best vegan and cruelty free perfumes that we recommend is our Must Have DIVAIN-039, similar to Terre de Hermès. This masculine fragrance has been created for adventurous men without limits, lovers of every little detail that nature has to offer. A very autumnal scent that begins with a fruity top note of orange and grapefruit that gives way to a sensual heart of pelargonium and pepper.

Now that you know exactly what a vegan perfume is and the best tips to choose the best one for your skin, come and discover in DIVAIN this new world of irresistible and addictive natural scents. ;)
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