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The best perfumes to sleep well and to relax

Top 10 perfumes to use before going to bed

It is proven that going to bed while you’re wearing perfume has a relaxing and calming effect and helps you to sleep better. Fresh, soft and delicate notes have a relaxing effect on our mind and therefore it is very important to choose the right aroma that can help us relax in order for it to work. 

We at DIVAIN recommend the following 10 perfumes to use before going to bed. Disconnect and enjoy a pleasant evening. Discover them here!

DIVAIN-522, similar to Deep Red by Hugo Boss

A feminine and sensual fragrance that will envelop you with its very captivating warm floral and oriental notes. DIVAIN-522, similar to Deep Red by Hugo Boss starts with top notes of clementine, currants, orange, mandarin and pear that melts into a tremendously addictive heart that gives way to a very relaxing exotic base. For nonconformist, daring and sexy women.

DIVAIN-571, similar to Fleur Musc For Her

DIVAIN-571, similar to Fleur Musc For her is a soft and delicate aroma and is perfect to catch some good sleep. Pink pepper and bergamot give way to a romantic and irresistible heart of rose and musk that blends seamlessly with an earthy base of patchouli, amber and woody notes. Original, feminine and authentic.

TOP perfumes to fall asleep and fight insomnia

DIVAIN-569, similar to Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet 

Delicate, fresh and soft. That is how we can best define this feminine fragrance that will transport you to this unique floral paradise. DIVAIN-569, similar to Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet begins with a citrusy Sicilian mandarin top blended together with luscious notes like Bulgarian rose and peach. Topped with white musk that gives the whole fragrance a powdery touch. You'll love it!

DIVAIN-298, similar to Mimosa & Cardamom by Jo Malone

DIVAIN-298, similar to Mimosa & Cardamom by Jo Malone, is a natural, fresh and non-invasive perfume, and that is why we believe that it is a perfect option that will help you sleep better. Its composition is simple, but delicate. A trio of aromatic chords starring cardamom, mimosa and tonka bean create a very captivating scent.

DIVAIN-613, similar to Wild Bluebell by Jo Malone

On our list with the TOP perfumes that are ideal for sleeping, we cannot forget DIVAIN-613, similar to the Wild Bluebell perfume by Jo Malone. A unique aroma that will surprise you with its floral combination of bellflowers, jasmine, wild rose and lily of the valley, among some other ingredients. Cheerful, different and with a very peculiar aquatic touch.

Best fragrances to sleep better: soft, fresh and relaxing

DIVAIN-282, similar to Versace pour Homme

This perfume defines an anxious, elegant and passionate man. Its essence comes from the fougère family full of vitality that begins with a citrus top of lemon and bergamot wrapped in a heart that is bursting with very special floral notes. Finally, the base gives DIVAIN-282, similar to Versace pour Homme, a sensual touch as if it is from another world.

DIVAIN-046, similar to L.12.12. White by Lacoste

DIVAIN-046, similar to L.12.12. White by Lacoste is perfect to use at any time of the day, especially during those moments when you experience difficulties falling asleep, since its aroma is fresh, smooth and very relaxing. A cocktail of irresistible aromas in which notes of rosemary, cardamom and grapefruit blend into an elegant heart of ylang-ylang softened with a very refreshing vetiver.

DIVAIN-297, similar to Wood Sage & Sea Salt by Jo Malone

Cover your pillow in this fresh unisex scent. Go on a journey of sensations that will make you feel the foam of the waves between your feet. DIVAIN-297, similar to Jo Malone's Wood Sage & Sea Salt will captivate you with its special combination of ocean-inspired ingredients.

DIVAIN-179, similar to CK2 by Calvin Klein

Fresh, pure and explosive. This fragrance is quite unexpected because it stands out because of the touch of wasabi that makes it very special. Super addictive and relaxing, DIVAIN-179, similar to Calvin Klein's CK2 has a feminine heart that converges with a masculine base to show the best of both worlds.

DIVAIN-528, similar to The Vert by Bvlgari

Last but not least we recommend you our DIVAIN-528, similar to The Vert by Bvlgar. As the name already indicates, this fragrance is inspired by green tea because of its relaxing and comforting aroma. Its floral and citric notes give it a personality that everyone who smells it will fall in love with. Without a doubt, the thing you need for you to sleep like a baby;)

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