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Best perfumes to go to the office to work


There are times and places that are always accompanied by perfumes and the work environment is no exception. For this reason, at DIVAIN we believe that going to work with a suitable fragrance is the key to achieving that confidence and motivation that you need in the performance of your tasks.

The ideal perfumes to go to the office are those that stand out for their freshness. Balanced aromas with citrus, fruity and woody notes, but without being too intense. At DIVAIN we bring you a selection of the best men's and women's perfumes to go to work. Discover them!

Best women's perfumes for work

DIVAIN-501, similar to Idole d'Armani

An oriental perfume created by Bruno Jovanovic that belongs to the spicy-woody family. Divain-501, similar to Idole d'Armani it has personality, elegance and character. It is ideal for that determined and daring woman who is always contributing ideas and ready to face any challenge that comes her way. Its main notes include pear, ginger, honey and orange, accompanied by a heart of saffron, jasmine and rose.

Perfumes to work for men and women

DIVAIN-030, similar to Calvin Klein's CK One

This unisex fragrance is perfect for casual looks or to go to the office. Its citrus notes melt into your skin to give it a fresh and sensual aroma that will make your working hours more bearable.DIVAIN-030, similar to CK One by Calvin Klein It is an authentic cocktail of fruits such as pineapple, mandarin or papaya, combined with a more woody background in which notes such as sandalwood, cedar or oak moss stand out.

DIVAIN-593, similar to Dior's Bois d'Argent

To finish with our selection of the best women's perfumes to go to the office, we highlight the DIVAIN-593, similar to Bois d'Argent by Dior. A very elegant unisex fragrance from the Woody-Cyprus family with light and deep notes that will give you the confidence you need to face that important work meeting. You will love its olfactory pyramid starring notes such as cypress, iris, amber, musk and honey.

Best men's perfumes for work

DIVAIN-288, similar to Prada L'Homme

Inspired by the iris, Divain-288, similar to Prada L'Homme. It is a fresh, clean and sophisticated fragrance. A masculine perfume belonging to the Woody-Cyprus family and specially designed for that leading, determined and charismatic man in the office. Its output combines a soft flower, such as neroli, with a spicy note of pepper that mixes with a floral heart and a wilder background of patchouli and cedar.

DIVAIN-222, similar to Sauvage by Dior

Inspired by open spaces, DIVAIN-222, similar to Sauvage by Dior, offers a freshness and a unique personality thanks to its star ingredient: Calabrian bergamot, which is perfectly combined with woody and spicy notes. This fragrance will give you the inspiration you need to achieve all your goals in your day to day.

Discover the best perfumes to go to work at the office

DIVAIN-027, similar to Acqua di Gio

Our perfume DIVAIN-027, similar to Acqua di Gio by Armani. It is the ideal fragrance for a charismatic leader who knows how to work as a team. Its combination of citrus and floral ingredients that blend into your skin will give you the energy you need to get through your workday with joy and passion. A contemporary perfume with high durability that will conquer you.

DIVAIN-291, similar to Y by Yves Saint Laurent

Finally, we want to recommend a fragrance for the most dreamy and creative men. Those who live in the moment and always have big goals, both personally and in the workplace.DIVAIN-291, similar to Y by Yves Saint Laurent. It is the perfect perfume for these personalities. Its olfactory pyramid is mainly composed of oriental woody notes full of freshness.

With these perfume recommendations to go to work, you will face your workday with more security, confidence and motivation. You will exploit your virtues and qualities and each day will be a new challenge. And remember, if you are not convinced by these fragrances, we recommend that you take a look at our DIVAIN catalog. We have over 550 perfumes to choose from!

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