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Top with the best incense perfumes perfect for the cold winter days

Top 8 incense perfumes for men and women - perfect for cold weather!

Frankincense is a warm, mysterious and very sensual aroma that transports you to unique exotic paradises. This deep and elegant scent is linked to kings, ceremonies, religious rituals and is therefore one of the most valued scents in the world, especially in the East.

If you want to discover the sensations that this irresistible scent awakens in you, here is a TOP 8 of the best perfumes with incense notes for men and women, perfect for the cold!

Incense fragrances for men

DIVAIN-002, similar to Loewe 7

We open this TOP with one of the most popular and risky male perfumes. DIVAIN-002, similar to Loewe 7 has been designed for men who are daring, brave and ready to overcome any challenge that comes their way. It is an elegant fragrance with a floral heart wrapped in a background of woody notes and irresistible incense.

DIVAIN-310, similar to Herod de Marly

Another one of the incense perfumes for men that cannot be missing in this list is our DIVAIN-310, similar to Herod by Marly. This fragrance tries to bring out the charismatic side of men with a perfect combination of oriental ingredients. It features an explosive top note of cinnamon and pepper that merges with a heart of tobacco, osmanthus and labdanum bathed in warm and welcoming incense notes. Without a doubt, an unforgettable olfactory experience.

Oriental and exotic incense fragrances for men

DIVAIN-326, similar to Penhaligon's Agarbathi

DIVAIN-326, similar to Penhaligon's Agarbathi is an Oriental Fougére fragrance with an incense heart that will conquer all your senses. This perfume is a world of contrasts that represents the balance between peace and the sparkle of life. A scent for men who value every little detail and enjoy every second as if it were their last. Its fresh top notes of bergamot, pepper and rosewood blend with spicy and woody notes that bring warmth and depth to the fragrance.

DIVAIN-314, similar to Amouage Epic Man

To finish with the best incense scented perfumes for men, we present our DIVAIN-314, similar to Amouage Epic Man. A fragrance that shows the best of East and West through an intense and oriental scent with woody touches. It begins with an elegant top note of pink pepper, frankincense, nutmeg and cardamom, among other ingredients, which blends with a heart of myrrh and geranium to give way to a woody base with oud, musk, leather, patchouli and incense.

Incense fragrances for women

DIVAIN-542, similar to Black Orchid by Tom Ford

One of our must-haves with incense notes is DIVAIN-542, similar to Tom Ford's Black Orchid, made for cooler nights. It is one of the best-selling perfumes for women and its floral and oriental scent is tremendously addictive. It stands out for an output of citrus and fruity notes that merges with a heart of spices balanced with a warm background of sandalwood, incense, vanilla, chocolate and musk, among others. If you are an adventurous, positive and active person, this fragrance is your soul mate.

DIVAIN-090, similar to Flower by Kenzo

DIVAIN-090, similar to Flower by Kenzo is inspired by the unexpected beauty of nature. A feminine and delicate fragrance designed for a flirtatious and romantic woman. A perfect cocktail of floral notes fused with an enveloping base of vanilla, white musk and incense that will conquer your nose and your heart. You will love it!

Women's perfumes with incense notes

DIVAIN-649, similar to Delina Exclusif de Marly

Continuing with this TOP of the best perfumes with incense, we recommend our Oriental Must Have DIVAIN-649, similar to Delina Exclusif by Marly. This fragrance invites you to a dance of unique sensations where floral and fruity notes blend to give rise to a fresh, sensual and very different scent. It begins with an accord of lychee, pear and bergamot that gives way to an exotic heart of Turkish rose, oud wood and incense that ends in a warm base of vanilla, amber and woody notes.

DIVAIN-651, similar to Coromandel by Chanel

To close this selection of perfumes with incense notes perfect for the cold, we have our DIVAIN-651, similar to Coromandel by Chanel. Loaded with emotions and sensations, this feminine scent is totally unexpected, extravagant and very original. Ideal for winter, DIVAIN-651 is composed of exotic and oriental ingredients where the undisputed protagonists are incense, patchouli and benzoin.

Now that you know the best perfumes with notes of incense for women and men, get your favourites on our website and enjoy their exotic, oriental and tremendously irresistible aromas. What are you waiting for?
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