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Get to know the best perfumes for fall that are trending

The 9 best perfumes for Autumn

Autumn brings a lot of change. Not only in the plans we make or in our way of dressing, but also in the aromas that accompany us throughout the day. Autumn fragrances stand out for their woody, sweet, citrus and spicy accords. They are elegant, fresh and irresistible. Perfect to experience the magic of this season.

At DIVAIN we bring you a selection of the 9 best perfumes for this autumn that are on trend. Warm and welcoming aromas that will accompany you to launch this new season, succeeding wherever you go. Discover them!

DIVAIN-582, similar to Miss Dior

If you want to debut autumn with elegance and romance, we recommend our feminine perfume DIVAIN-582, similar to Miss Dior. A floral bouquet mixed with a citrus note of Italian mandarin that melts with a background of patchouli and musk that will envelop you in a feeling of happiness and full relaxation. You will feel irresistible!

DIVAIN-738, similar to Velvet Vanilla de Mancera

If you are a lover of exotic and oriental aromas, without a doubt DIVAIN-738, similar to Velvet Vanilla de Mancera is the unisex fragrance that should accompany you this season. An intense, sweet and warm aroma with spicy notes and a background of vanilla and white flowers that balances all the ingredients.

DIVAIN-354, similar to Tommy Now Them

DIVAIN-354, similar to Tommy Now Them It is a modern and simple perfume ideal to face your day to day with energy and optimism. With woody and spicy touches, this unisex scent awakens all the senses. Its heart of ginger, cardamom and geranium is perfectly combined with fruity notes such as bergamot and a woody background with moss and Amberwood (parota wood).

DIVAIN-730, similar to Dune Pour Femme by Dior

Feel the tranquility and freshness of autumn with DIVAIN-730, similar to Dune Pour Femme by Dior. A perfume for women inspired by nature with which you will feel sensual and radiant. An explosive combination of floral, fruity, sweet and woody ingredients that will accompany you in the most special moments.

Best perfumes to launch autumn in style

DIVAIN-649, similar to Marly's Delina Exclusif

Another of the best perfumes for autumn women that is a trend is our DIVAIN-649, similar to Delina Exclusif from Marly. A cocktail of floral and oriental scents full of sensations where pear and bergamot are mixed with an exotic heart of Turkish rose, oud wood and incense, to finish with a sweet touch of vanilla and amber. Soft, sweet and delicate, but with a daring side that symbolizes freedom and feminine strength.

DIVAIN-165, similar to Sisley's Eau du Soir 

Elegance in a single bottle. That's how it is DIVAIN-165, similar to Sisley's Eau du Soir, a perfume inspired by the sunsets in the gardens of the Alcázar of Seville. With a classic personality, its aroma belongs to the Chypre Floral family and is made up of autumn ingredients such as grapefruit or jasmine. If you have a special event or celebration, do not hesitate to dress your skin with this sensual, refined and sophisticated fragrance.

Autumn perfumes for men and women with warm and welcoming scents

DIVAIN-039, similar to Terre de Hermès 

A journey through all the scents of autumn that captivates the senses. Woody and green touches that offer a warm and masculine aroma that represents the bond between man and the Earth.DIVAIN-039, similar to Terre de Hermès, it is an unforgettable experience for nature lovers.

DIVAIN-591, similar to L'Interdit de Givenchy

For a woman with an overwhelming and charismatic personality who enjoys the little details in life. DIVAIN-591, similar to L'Interdit de Givenchy it is intense, fiery and full of sensuality. It stands out for its powerful ingredients that manage to balance perfectly, achieving an elegant and very feminine perfume that leaves its mark.

DIVAIN-611, similar to Baccarat Rouge 540 from Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Finally, we close our list of the best autumn perfumes with a revolution: DIVAIN-611, similar to Baccarat Rouge 540 from Maison Francis Kurkdjian. Woody and mineral notes such as jasmine, amber or fir resin that melt to create an exclusive luxurious fragrance. A scent for men and women with which you will sweep wherever you go.

Now that you know which are the best perfumes for fall, don't wait any longer and grab your favorites to kick off the season in style. New aromas for new beginnings. And remember! At DIVAIN we have a wide equivalency perfume catalog for you and to give as a gift;)
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