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Discover the perfume of the football team Atlético Astorga

Discover the new Atlético Astorga perfume created by DIVAIN

At DIVAIN we have created an exclusive Atlético Astorga fragrance with the aim of raising funds to collaborate and help the football club from León. This perfume that represents, through an intense and elegant aroma, the values of the club, is a symbol of the struggle, passion and dedication that football awakens in this team.

All the profits obtained from the sale of this perfume will go towards the growth of this club in Astorga, a city that has seen us grow over the years and with which we have a very special bond.

Characteristics of this unisex fragrance

DIVAIN-987 is a modern fragrance that inspires and gives you the strength you need to achieve everything you set your mind to. This is the definition of our new perfume that represents the spirit of the Atlético Astorga football club. A scent with personality and a lot of character that invites you to participate in the game of your life.

DIVAIN launches unisex fragrance representing Astorga football club

This empowering and seductive perfume has been created with exclusive, high quality ingredients. It belongs to the oriental-vanilla family and its olfactory pyramid is composed of intense and addictive notes that leave their mark on the skin. A world of unique contrasts where freshness and warmth converge to create something totally new and never seen before.

Two very special ingredients stand out in particular, giving the perfume the confidence, optimism and energy you need to shine like nobody's business.

  • Dark coffee notes: warm, vibrant and with a mysterious touch that adds presence and body.
  • Notes of dragon fruit or pitahaya: fresh, sweet and with an oriental exoticism that does not go unnoticed.

It is also a unisex perfume, so both men and women can enjoy the power of this irresistible fragrance.

Buy Atletico Astorga perfume

The Atlético Astorga perfume is now available on our website and you can buy it in 100ml format for only 26,95€. To convey the values of this scent we have designed a limited edition packaging in which the logo and colours representing the football club and the city of Astorga stand out.

Undoubtedly, the perfect gift for fans. What are you waiting for to get your team's perfume?

Atletico Astorga perfume characteristics

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