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List of the best perfume ads on television

The top 9 best perfume ads on television

Throughout history, perfume brands have created television adverts that have revolutionised this sector by exciting and inspiring us. Most of these adverts have opted for a creative story telling format, based on short scenes capturing beauty and holding the audience’ attention until the end. In addition, many of these ads have been positively valued for their ability to change stereotypes and fight against prejudice in a creative fashion.

The success of these advertising creations has been in that many people have chosen a new scent before even being able to smell it. Below we have made a list of the best perfume ads that have passed through the history of television. You will want to see them all again!

1. CK One by Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein's CK One, (DIVAIN-030), advertising is as revolutionary as the fragrance. In just 30 seconds of this advert we can understand why it was the latest perfume for everyone. The advert features an older woman, couples kissing, dance groups, and a young Kate Moss, having one thing in common: the new unisex fragrance.

2. J’Adore Absolu by Christian Dior

Another of the most recognisable fragrance ads is Dior's J’adore Absolu, directed by visionary Romain Gavras and starring Charlize Theron. In this advert we can see a group of strong girls united as one. The elegance and sophistication of Dior perfume is shown through the golden color that prevails in the environment as well as the fashion and beauty in the ad.

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3. The One by Dolce & Gabbana

In this short film clip called "Street of Dreams", directed by the famous director Martin Scorsese we can see a glamorous Scarlett Johansson talking with the attractive Matthew McConaughey, with whom she has a relationship. This scent ad, used to promote The One by Dolce & Gabbana for women (DIVAIN-050) and and men (DIVAIN-006), is black and white and quite plain. However, it keeps you glued to the screen from the very beginning.

4. Sí, by Giorgio Armani

Kate Blanchett defies age in the advertisement for Armani's Si, perfume, (DIVAIN-136). This is spectacular as she looks confidently at the camera with little makeup on. The ad shows a real look of a busy woman while maintaining the irresistible combination of grace, strength and free spirit, just like Armani's perfumes.

5. The Pure XS by Paco Rabanne

For the fragrance, The Pure XS by Paco Rabanne, (DIVAIN-233), the brand chose the model Francisco Henriques. The advert is an irresistible combination of desire and pleasure. "XS" ​​is not a reference to size, but to the pleasure of an excessive lifestyle.

6. Agua Fresca de Rosas Blancas by Adolfo Domínguez

Adolfo Domínguez, a scent brand with more than 40 years in the perfumes market, launched Agua Fresca de Rosas Blancas (DIVAIN-157) in 2013 , its iconic scent. Eugenia Silva is in charge of giving life to free spirits. It is delicate and fresh like the scent in the advert.

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7. Le Male and Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier makes his television commercial debut for his Le Male (DIVAIN-028), and Classique, (DIVAIN-075 fragrances for men and women respectively. In this latest ad Gaultier allows us to get behind the scenes of his perfume factory with robots and workers.

8. Nina & Luna by Ricci

The Nina, (DIVAIN-051) and Luna, (DIVAIN-195) by Ricci perfume ad is one of those diversity-oriented spots that has revolutionized the world of perfumes. In it, the models Frida Gustavsson (Nina) and Jac Jadaciak (Luna) get fully into the skin of their latest characters, to take us to a fantasy universe through their beautiful love story starring Ricci perfumes.

9. 212 VIP Black by Carolina Herrera

Finally, another of the best perfume clips in advertising history is the one made for 212 VIP Black by Carolina Herrera. Here we can see how a group of young people have a great time at a party held inside a luxurious mansion. The song chosen for the ad is a song composed and produced by TMB & Agry and Low Steppa.

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