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Citrus perfumes are ideal for summer

Olfactive families: Citrus perfumes, ideal for summer

When the heat arrives, you want fresh and less intense perfumes but that provide a shot of energy and revitalize us, right? Citrus perfumes are ideal for this, since it is an olfactory family that transports us directly to summer.

We are going to see what are the most used ingredients in this type of perfume, and, of course, some of our favorites.

Ingredients most used in citrus perfumes

The king of citrus is lemon. But he is not the one who rules in perfumery, as you will see. Surely you get more than one surprise ...


First of all, we want to mention bergamot, since although it is one of the most unknown citrus fruits, it is the most used in perfumery. Why? Because of its intense aroma.


After bergamot, it is one of the citrus fruits most used to create perfumes.

Its essential oil is extracted from the skin of this fruit and has a very refreshing and recognizable aroma. Although yes, it is not usually the main note, but complements others.


Neroli is probably the ingredient you know the least about. Its olfactory note is extracted by distillation of the bitter orange blossom, as in the case of the essence of orange blossom. But the technique with which it is obtained produces a softer and sweeter aroma than this one. It smells like a mixture of orange blossom, green leaves and spices.

In summer there is nothing better than drinking a good glass of refreshing lemonade. Although ... applying a citrus perfume like the ones we show you below, is also a very good option. Let it stay between us but these citrus perfumes are so refreshing and smell so good that they will make you want to drink them!

Best citrus perfumes for women

Escale a Portofino by Dior (DIVAIN-113)

Its notes are mostly citrus, but it has hints of cedar, cypress, musk and almond, which makes it come to be considered a woody citrus perfume for women. The result? Something extremely delicious, since these two olfactory families cannot complement each other better.

Its aroma transports you to a summer sunset in an Italian cove. Do you sign up?

There are many ways to refresh yourself, such as sipping lemonade or applying an invigorating perfume

Ô by Lancôme (DIVAIN-139)

This eau de parfum launched in 1969 by the French house, is a timeless jewel that cannot be missing from your dressing table.

It does not only have citrus notes such as bergamot, mandarin or lime; rather, it is complemented by warm notes such as sandalwood and energizing notes such as rosemary, coriander, basil or jasmine.

In short, a real delight that will make you feel a waterfall of freshness on your skin when you apply it.

Best citrus perfumes for men

Lacoste Challenge (DIVAIN-256)

Do you need a shot of energy in your day to day? Well, with this eau de parfum, you have found it. The crocodile brand was inspired by urban and dynamic men, in whom they do not stop even if it is summer and the heat is almost unbearable. Either to go to work or To train, Lacoste Challenge is going to be your best companion.

Very very citric, thanks to the fact that its top notes include lemon, bergamot and orange; but also very masculine, since it has a base made of ebony and teak woods.

Boss Element by Hugo Boss (DIVAIN-257)

Citrus perfumes for men are not incompatible with elegance and sophistication. Proof of this is this fragrance, in which the distinction of its components and the care with which it has been made stand out.

If you want to feel flawless, Boss Element is for you.

Citrus unisex perfumes

Because citrus fragrances are so refreshing and revitalizing, many of them are unisex. Two good examples are:

Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford (DIVAIN-560)

How could it be otherwise, a Tom Ford fragrance had to convey luxury and exquisiteness. In this case, it is inspired by a 5-star hotel on the Italian Riviera, with its notes of African orange blossom, neroli, Chinese orange blossom, lime, lavender or bitter orange; among many others.

It is a unisex citrus perfume perfect to give a touch of glamor to your summer. Ah! And of course, it is aniche perfume, so if you want to enter the world of the most exclusive fragrances, we can't think of a better way to do it.

Tom Ford is known for making all kinds of fragrances but always exclusive

CK One by Calvin Klein (DIVAIN-030)

Do we confirm that CK One is the most famous unisex fragrance in the world? We confirm. Fresh, cheerful, soft, natural. Perfect for all ages, genders and eras; although without a doubt, it is a must for the summer.

It is inspired by youth and positivism, so as soon as you apply it you will feel a good vibes that nothing or no one can take away from you.

As you have seen, citrus perfumes hold many surprises. Use our search engine and dare to try new aromas this vacation. If you are looking for fresh perfumes, take a look at our articles on aquatic perfumes or perfumes for summer, in which we give you some ideas that you will surely love.
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