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The properties of avocado oil are incredible and extraordinary

The incredible benefits of avocado oil

The avocado boom is real. A few years ago, this exotic fruit was a rarity, not at all easy to find in most greengrocers and markets. I do not eat now. Due to the rise of the healthy lifestyle, it is increasingly present in our lives, as well as its oil, which also has a lot of uses, benefits and properties. Do you want to discover them? Well, don't stop reading!

Avocado is much more than a delicious fruit

What is avocado oil?

Avocado oil is the juice that is extracted from the pulp of this same fruit. The extraction is carried out in a similar way to that of other vegetable oils, peeling the fruit and then pressing it raw with humid heat maceration (at a temperature of about 75ºC more or less).

The most notable properties and benefits of avocado oil

The properties of avocado oil are numerous and very beneficial, both for our health and for our personal care.

High content of unsaturated fatty acids

Its content of unsaturated fatty acids is high. It has between 55% and 75% oleic acid, a composition very similar to that of healthy olive oil. This makes it an excellent option to replace it with animal fats or margarines, which are much more harmful. Especially if you have cardiovascular disease.

Has many vitamins

It is high in important vitamins that greatly improve our health, such as:

Vitamin A, which protects and improves vision.

Vitamin E, the quintessential anti-aging vitamin, which also stands out for its protective role against the dreaded cholesterol.

Vitamins of group B, which have an antioxidant effect.

The great benefits of avocado oil make it have multiple applications in our daily lives. Many more than you could imagine. Let's see what avocado oil is for.

Uses of avocado oil

The uses of this oil are usually always related to food and cosmetics. You will see how it becomes your new best friend, because the results after consuming it are noticed, and a lot.

Los ingredientes naturales son los que más agradece nuestra piel

Avocado oil for hair

Avocado oil will be an excellent ally for the care of your hair. Incorporate it into your routine if you have dry and damaged hair, as it will help you hydrate and restore it, preventing hair loss and considerably improving volume and shine.

Use it as a leave-in conditioner when your hair is still damp, adding a few drops and distributing it well from medium to ends.

Avocado oil for skin

If you want to show off radiant skin and regain all its splendor, you have to incorporate avocado oil into your life. And is that thanks to its vitamins and fatty acids, you can:

Have the skin much more hydrated and nourished.

Prevent and treat acne.

Accelerate the healing of wounds or scars.

Soothe your skin if you have been sunburned.

Reduce the signs of aging.

And if you suffer from psoriasis or dermatitis, it will be an excellent ally to relieve you and reduce redness and inflammation.

It is also a highly valued ingredient in the world of face masks. Try making your own avocado mask at home, it's super easy! To do this, you just have to add a few pieces of ripe avocado in a bowl and cover them with a little oil from this fruit. Crush and stir everything well to create a dough with a uniform texture. Apply it to your face and leave it on for about 10-15 minutes. Afterwards, rinse well with water and… voila! You will have a luminous and perfect skin in a matter of minutes.

Avocado oil for wrinkles

Thanks to the properties of avocado oil, it is ideal to give the skin greater elasticity, helping to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

It is also an excellent nourishing agent, so dry and mature skin will be super grateful to absorb this natural elixir.

Avocado oil in the kitchen

The oleic acid in avocado oil is very beneficial for our body and our cardiovascular health. Incorporate it into your diet by combining it with olive oil. Of course, as it is more powerful and dense, it uses less quantity.

We hope that after reading this article, you will be encouraged to incorporate avocado oil in all facets of your life. You will see that it is one of the best decisions you can make!

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