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The uses, benefits and properties of sweet almond oil are many

The Amazing Uses and Properties of Sweet Almond Oil

In recent years, sweet almond oil has earned a place of honor in the world of natural cosmetics. The reason why is very simple: it has unique properties and is also super versatile. You will be able to use it a thousand and one times.

So that you can see that we are not exaggerating a bit, we are going to see one by one all these benefits, uses and properties of sweet almond oil.

What is sweet almond oil for?

This wonderful oil, considered since ancient times as the elixir of health and beauty, is considered the gentlest and most hydrating of all the essential oils in the world.

Rich in vitamins such as A, B, D, or vitamin E; in omega 6 and 9, and in minerals and antioxidants. You will see how, after reading its properties, uses and benefits, you run to your nearest cosmetic store and you get one (or ten) bottles of almond oil.

Sweet almond oil for skin

As we have already seen in other articles (take a look at the properties of the calendula oil or those of jojoba oil), natural essential oils are especially good for the skin, and sweet almond oil was not going to be less. And is that this ...

  •     Hydrates and nourishes the skin intensely, so apply it all over your body and you will have silky skin.
  •     It is a powerful antioxidant, put a few drops in the eye contour and you will see how expression lines and wrinkles are considerably reduced.
  •     Fight acne as nothing since it is not at all greasy and regulates the production of sebum (a property that we know has an impact, since it is the opposite of what is usually thought when hearing the word oil).
  •     As it is one of the softest and most hydrating oils, it is ideal for maintaining skin health and treating psoriasis, dermatitis and other skin eruptions.
  •     It acts as an anti-inflammatory thanks to its high content of zinc and vitamin E. In addition, zinc makes it perfect for treating the most sensitive skins that exist on the face of the Earth, those of babies. So yes, sweet almond oil is one of the best products you can put on your baby's skin.
  •     Excellent for removing blemishes, marks or scars.

And if you have very sensitive skin, you have to try an almond oil scrub as it will remove all the dead cells from your skin without irritating it. If scrubs leave your skin silky smooth and silky, don't see how it will turn out.

As you can see, it has many benefits that will already make you enjoy by itself by seeing how the appearance and health of your skin improve so much. But if you want to enjoy even more, we recommend that you massage yourself with almond oil. You will kill two birds with one stone: you will relax and take care of your skin. Is there a better 2 in 1?

Sweet almond oil is great for pregnant women, acne, and hair

Pregnancy and almond oil

You have surely heard about the benefits of almond oil in pregnancy. And of course, this wonderful (but hard) process is a before and after for women's bodies.

The changes in the weight and morphology of their bodies due to pregnancy cause the dreaded stretch marks to appear; but thanks to the emollient and moisturizing properties of almond essential oil, your appearance will be greatly improved.

And not only can women use it in pregnancy and postpartum, but, as we have discussed, almond oil for babies is one of the best things in the world.

Almond oil for dark circles

Sweet almond oil also helps you look rested even if you've had little and bad sleep. And it helps to reduce dark circles and bags.

Put a couple of drops of this essential oil in the eye area before going to bed and you will see how, little by little they diminish.

Almond oil for eyelashes

The benefits of essential oils for eyelashes are incredible. Be consistent and a couple of times a week put a few drops on your lashes. After a few weeks, they will be much thicker and stronger, ready to say goodbye to mascara.

Almond oil for hair growth

If you have damaged, dry, dull and lifeless hair, you have to introduce sweet almond oil into your hair care routine.

By having a high concentration of vitamins, it will intensely nourish the hair and repair its damage. In addition, as it is 100% natural, it will make it grow more abundant, healthy and strong.

Remove makeup with almond oil

Its components make it an excellent make-up remover. Remove all traces of dirt and makeup in the blink of an eye. In addition, it is a completely chemical-free product, natural as life itself.

To remove make-up with almond oil, put a few drops of this product on a cotton ball and gently rub it over your face (do not rub if you do not want to damage your skin!). Then rinse it off with plenty of soap and water.

Natural essential oils take care of the health of our skin

Beard almond oil

As we have already mentioned, this essential oil is ideal for healthy hair, so it is also perfect for the beard. As we explained in our article on the best beard oilsYou just have to add three or four drops and massage so that it is well impregnated.

Although you may be lazy, you have to take good care of your beard, because the line between being “a cool hipster” or a scruffy one is fine, very very fine.


We hope that after reading us you will join the sweet almond oil fever and incorporate it into your daily routine. It will mean a before and after in your life, word of DIVAIN.

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