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New unisex perfume: Elegant, luxurious and with lots of class

New unisex perfume: Elegant, luxurious and with lots of class

Since the arrival in the 90’s of the first unisex perfume; the mythical CK One by Calvin Klein, inspired by the new trend of fresh and aquatic perfumes that would make way for the minimalist era of antonomasia, the evolution of this type of perfume has continued to grow. More and more companies are creating perfumes without gender.

When it comes down to it, aromas never cease to be perceptions that are not directly related to masculinity or femininity. La classic idea that floral aromas are only for women, and intense aromas only for men, has been blurred over the course of three decades to make way for new olfactory experiences.

Although normally unisex perfumes and fragrances try to transmit a sensation of freshness, there are increasingly more olfactory creations that are moving away from this classic belief, especially when it comes to winter aromas or those destined for a special occasion in which we need a great perfume.

In addition, aromas that are oriented specifically toward one sex have a reduced target customer base, and unisex perfumes have been rapidly accepted. That’s why we continually find more options on the market.

Such is the case with one of our newest arrivals in unisex perfumes, DIVAIN-250, a perfume similar to Ombré Leather by Tom Ford. We are talking about a sensual and warm fragrance full of glamour. Do you want to know all about it?

Elegant, luxurious, and with lots of class

That’s what this new aroma in our catalogue is like. It possesses intense notes of leather, so it is ideal for those who opt for intense perfumes and special aromas. A perfect choice for the dynamic man or woman, independent and with a unique sensuality.

Its inspiration? It’s about an olfactory voyage in which the aromas carry you to the desert of the American west.  Ombré Leather, the new fragrance for women and men by Tom Ford, invites you to embark on an adventure which starts with notes of cardamom, passes through the sweet perfume of Arabian jasmine, and enters into the dark and sensual tones of leather, patchouli, white musk and warm amber.

An aroma that reflects the glamourous and modern spirit of its Texan designer, and that will leave no one indifferent. Do you dare try it?

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