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Discover the best long-lasting perfumes for women

The Top 10 long lasting Women's Perfumes

Perfume is one of the most important parts of a woman's beauty ritual. A perfect perfume with sweet notes and a floral scent that lasts all day is one of the simplest pleasures in life.

We know how important feminine fragrances are and that is why today we will present you with the best long-lasting perfumes for women. A list featuring the most intense aromas of the most prestigious brands: Christian Dior, Paco Rabanne, Calvin Klein, Jean Paul Gaultier and Thierry Mugler, among others.

1. DIVAIN-199

The first scent on the list of long lasting and intense fragrances comes from Chanel and represents the true essence of this fragrance house. DIVAIN-199 is amongst the best floral perfumes for women on the market and combines essences such as jasmine, musk, ylang-ylang, orange blossom and the tuberose herb, so characteristic of the brand. A fragrance full of beauty and suitable for day wear.

2. DIVAIN-587

No list of long lasting women's perfumes can be complete without this best seller. This time we are talking about DIVAIN-587, a fragrance full of beauty, provocative and wild and an explosion for the senses. This Eau de Parfum spray is vibrant thanks to the combination of notes of ylang-ylang, musk, vanilla, sandalwood and popcorn.


Alien by Thierry Mugler (DIVAIN-091) is a wonderful scent for your skin, full of sensuality, positive energy and mystery. This long lasting perfume is made with notes of wood, jasmine and amber and is a fragrance more suited to night wear.

Long-lasting perfumes for women intense and full of elegance and glamor4. JOY FROM DIOR

Joy by Christian Dior (DIVAIN-586) is an eau de parfum for women that radiates happiness and joy. It is a soft, long-lasting fragrance with a floral and citrus scent perfect for use during the day and night. The notes that stand out are those of sandalwood, mandarin and white musk.


Another of the most durable perfumes for women is that of Pure Musc by Narciso Rodríguez (DIVAIN-599). This eau de parfum is floral, with top notes of musk, orange blossom and rose heart and cashmere background. It's not overwhelming, but it sticks to your skin and lasts very well. It is lovely for day wear with an inspirational and youthful scent, so it will definitely affect your mood in a positive way when you wear it.


Yves Saint Laurent Opium (DIVAIN-115) is one of the best long lasting perfumes on the market. It stands out for its strong scent notes of mandarin and bergamot, its heart of myrrh and jasmine, and its background of amber, vanilla and patchouli. This fragrance personifies, like no other, beauty, mystery, magic and the exotic.

The most famous women's long-lasting perfumes on the market7. VIVA LA JUICY BY JUICY COUTURE

This Juicy Couture perfume for women belongs to the floral-fruity family, with notes of mandarin, jasmine, vanilla, and wild berries. Viva la Juicy (DIVAIN-538) is flirtatious, playful and glamorous at the same time. This will leave you feeling fresh all day with just a spray or two.


Another option if you are looking for intense aromas is Euphoria by Calvin Klein (DIVAIN-058). A perfume that offers a great contrast between exotic fruits and seductive floral aromas. This fragrance focuses on the elegance, fantasy, and sensuality of women. It has fresh notes of lotus flower, pomegranate, musk, persimmon, mahogany wood and liquid amber among others. This Eau de Parfum sticks to the skin for a long time and is a scent that will allow you to feel sexy and confident.


Red Door by Elizabeth Arden (DIVAIN-545) is a classic Eau de Parfum created in 1989 and a synonym for luxury and glamor. The top notes of the perfume are orange blossom, peach and plum among others. Its heart scent is made with notes of honey, carnation, jasmine, orchid, lily of the valley and freesia. And finally, its base is composed of sandalwood, honey, musk and vetiver, which makes it a sweet and fresh floral fragrance.

10. DIVAIN-198

And we close the list of the best long-lasting perfumes with DIVAIN-198, a fragrance that came out in 2017 and has become one of the pillars of this brand. This is one of the most modern, elegant and powerful women's perfumes. It stands out for its notes of red orange, honey, patchouli and gardenia.
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