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Learn about the history of Loewe, one of the most successful fashion brands in the world

The History of designer brand Lowe

The Spanish brand, Loewe, was born in a small Atelier in Madrid around 1872. Over the years, its quality, its unique designs and its exclusivity have made it a true icon of fashion worldwide.

Today, Loewe has a clear international reach and a well-defined public beyond just the Spanish, that is committed to luxury designer fashion goods. But how did it get here? To answer this question we must go back to its beginnings and get to know the designer brand Loewe from its first chapters of inspiration and passion.

The Loewe story

The history of Lowe and how it conquered the fashion market

Origin of the Spanish designer brand

It can be said that the history of Loewe began in a leather goods workshop, located on Calle Lobo (now Calle Echegaray) in Madrid in 1872, with the arrival of the German craftsman Heinrich Loewe Rössberg, who had a great ambition to create his own fashion brand.

20 years later, Loewe was born with the first new store located in the capital of Spain, on Príncipe de Madrid street. And 13 years later, thanks to his great popularity among lovers of luxury goods, he became the Supplier to the Royals by order of Alfonso XIII.

The expansion of Loewe

After receiving the title of official supplier of the Royal Household and handing over the control of the company to Enrique Loewe Knappe, the founder's grandson, Loewe began to grow rapidly and achieve a great presence in Spain.

The new designs launched on the market in 1945 by José Pérez de Rozas, the new creative director, helped the fashion house to gain much more international fame on the brands new collection.

Starting in 1963, Loewe stores began to open in countries such as England and Japan. Likewise, the progress into women's ready-to-wear luxury fashion and the design of its iconic logo by Vicente Vela helped reinforce the brand's prestige.

Modern times

During the 1980s, Loewe passed into the hands of the Rumasa Group and later became part of the Urvois Spinola group. In 1988, a year after his famous Esencia perfume (DIVAIN-012) was launched on the market, Enrique Loewe Lynch created the Loewe Foundation, which annually awards an international poetry award.

During the celebration of its 150th anniversary, in 1996, Loewe announced its sale to the LVMH group (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton). Later in 1997, the designer Narciso Rodríguez created his ready-to-wear women's line for the luxury fashion brand.

During the following years until today, the brand has had great creative directors at the helm such as Stuart Vevers (2007-2013) and the current director Jonathan Anderson.

Loewe's fashion style

Loewe, the story of one of the most famous and prestigious luxury brandsIf there is one thing that has distinguished Loewe, it is its ability to break stereotypes. This brand, born in Spain more than a century ago, has become an important part of many cultural and social movements.

An example of this is the famous Amazona bag created in 1975 by Darío Rossi and inspired by the wars of Greek mythology, a symbol of women's empowerment that marked a before and after in the history of Loewe.

In addition, this brand has had the support of great personalities such as Ava Gardner, an icon of the 20th century. The influence that the bag bought by this actress in a signature store had, became one of their most demanded products and the collection is known for its leather bags.

Today Loewe, together with Jonathan Anderson, has decided to create a line of products that is much more classic, coherent and faithful to its values.

Loewe perfumes

In addition to clothing and accessories, the brand also has its own line of Loewe perfumes for men and women that leave a mark of their craft. We can't help but mention their classic fragrance for women, Solo Loewe Ella, (DIVAIN-589) and their popular Aire de Loewe (DIVAIN-105), made for those women who love and enjoy the little details in life.

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