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Discover everything about layering perfumes to create your own scents

Perfume layering: play, try it and create unique scents

Every day personalization is valued even more and we love to enjoy those little things that have been specially designed for us, including perfumes. Searching for that smell that represents you and that is part of you, is now possible thanks to the LAYERING technique, the art of combining perfumes that already exist to make new aromas.

Customizing your own perfume will allow you to create something unique, personal and that defines you. Therefore, in this article we are going to soak up everything you need to know about the art of layering. Start putting it into practice and have a totally different sensory experience.

You put the limits. Play, try it and make it yours!

What is layering?

Layering, better known as the art of mixing perfumes, is a technique that consists of combining different fragrances that already exist to create totally new and personalized scents.

This technique has been practiced in the Middle East for centuries and now, thanks to the most sophisticated perfume houses, it has become a revolutionary trend in the world of perfumery in the West.

Play and experiment mixing notes, olfactory families, intensities ... The possibilities are endless and anyone can put layering into practice to create their own personalized footprint. Although, if you are a beginner, it is important that you first know some tips and tricks.

What is the art of mixing perfumes known as layering

Tips for your first steps in layering

Being such a new technique, you may not know where to start. With the following tips and guidelines that we give you, you will get that little push you need to get started in this art and create your perfect layering. Dare yourself!

How many perfumes should I use?

Start by mixing just 2 perfumes. Sometimes less is more and if you are a beginner we recommend that you start by experimenting with just two perfumes. Little by little you will discover what you like and you will be able to start making much more complex mixtures with more than two fragrances.

What notes should I combine?

Combine perfumes that have a note in common such as vanilla, jasmine or green tea. You can also combine a perfume that has a leading note, such as rose, with another more faceted fragrance. With the passage of time you will be able to make more daring creations and mix opposite notes such as spicy and sweet.

Likewise, we recommend that you opt for linear aromas to begin with. Those that remain with the same smell from the moment you apply them until they disappear from your skin. For example, perfumes with musk or woody notes.

And which olfactory families?

At first you can choose to mix aromas that belong to the same olfactory family, for example woody with woody, floral with floral ... When you discover what suits you and you begin to master the technique, we encourage you to join different families such as woody with fruity or floral with spicy. 

And remember, the perfume that you create by mixing other existing ones will not belong to any specific olfactory family. It will be unique and personal.

What scents should go first?

Although layering is very much based on the personal taste of each one, if you are not convinced by very heavy or strong aromas, you can start by mixing only light fragrances. If you decide to combine aromas of different intensity, you should first apply the heavier perfume so that it does not dominate the olfactory notes of the lighter one.

How and where should I mix them?

You can choose to make the mixture directly on the body, or you can use a container. We advise you to use our rechargeable vaporizer, which will also allow you to take your creation wherever you go thanks to its small size.

If you choose to apply it to your body, you can mix the perfumes in the same area or each perfume in a different part. Remember to always hydrate the area well to achieve a longer duration of the fragrance on your skin.

Best layerings to create personalized fragrances

The best combinations to create unique perfumes

Get inspired by these perfumes that already exist to create and personalize your own scents. The best layering to play, experiment and enjoy! they're here! In addition, they are a perfect and very original gift for that special person.

And you know, transform and give your personal touch to what has already been created, experiment, try and play at being an expert perfumer. You set the limit!

And if you need help or advice to create your own layerings, do not hesitate to write us!

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