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The 10 steps you have to follow to perform a Korean facial routine

How to do a Korean facial routine

Korean is in fashion. You could already see it in our article about him korean makeup, and today we repeat it again. But this time, focusing on the field of skin care. The Korean facial routine is getting all the attention in the Western world, and it is not for less, because its results are incredible.

Let's see what are the steps you have to follow if you want to show off skin worthy of a porcelain doll.

Essence, sunscreen and serum are staples of Korean skincare

The 10 Steps of the Korean Facial Routine

The same with the headline you back down, because we know that having to do so many actions in your daily facial routine ... is lazy. But don't worry, because you don't have to do it every day, if you don't choose which are the essential steps for your skin and do them every day. The rest you will have to do from time to time.

Let's go there! These are the 10 steps of the Korean facial routine:

STEP 1. Double facial cleansing: oil-based cleanser

These first two steps are the most essential of all. The ones that truly make a difference. Those that you have to do every day yes or yes.

And it is that there in Korea they do not use biphasic cleansers or micellar waters, but they cleanse their face with two products. They first use an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup and accumulated grease and dirt throughout the day.

STEP 2. Double facial cleansing: water-based cleanser

Once they have removed the first layer of dirt with the oil-based cleaner, they proceed to apply another cleaner, but this time water-based. This finishes removing any remaining dirt that may remain. The result? Cleaner skin impossible.

If you need ideas about these products, see what are some of the best makeup removers From the market.

STEP 3. Exfoliation

This step does not have to be done every day since ... you could be left without a face! Jokes aside, exfoliation is very necessary as it removes dead skin cells and promotes cell renewal, making the skin better absorb the products and nutrients that we apply to it. But you have to do it depending on the type of skin you have.

 If you have dry skin, we recommend exfoliating it once a week; While, if you have it oily and without acne you can do it one to two times a week. On the other hand, if you have it very fine or sensitive, do it every fifteen days if you do not want your skin to become irritated and suffer.

STEP 4. Apply toner

The facial toner is another of the steps that you cannot skip. And it is the product that balances the pH of the skin after cleansing or exfoliation. Let's say it is in charge of pampering our skin.

After applying it, you will see how your skin feels hydrated, protected and, if possible, even cleaner. Thanks to him, our skin will be ready for the next steps of the Korean facial care routine.

STEP 5. The essence

The essence is a complete unknown in the western beauty world. It is a mix between a tonic and a serum, since it is much more concentrated than the tonic but it is less heavy than the serum. It is applied right between these two products to provide extra hydration.

It is enriched with numerous beneficial active ingredients for the skin, with high doses of ferments such as yeast; that promote flexibility and elasticity. In addition, it acts at the cellular level, so the results are much deeper and can be noticed faster.

 Experts say this is a decisive step. So don't ever skip it!

STEP 6. The serum

There is nothing like a good serum to make your skin look irresistible. And it is that these products have such a high concentration of beneficial assets for the skin, that their application is another of the steps that you cannot ignore.

There are a thousand types, so we recommend that you take your time to identify what you want to improve on your skin, and choose the serum accordingly. There are them to treat spots, to delay the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging, to avoid acne, to treat dehydration or to give more luminosity ... Although you can also vary and use different serums throughout the year to treat more skin deficiencies.

STEP 7. The sheet mask

This step does not have to be done every day but you will want to do it because it is hilarious. Although the name sounds a bit strange to you, surely you have already seen them. They are the white and thin masks with holes in the eyes, nose and mouth. The ones that make you look like the Phantom of the Opera!

They are the queens of deep hydration, since thanks to their shape, they adapt completely to the skin, reaching even the most difficult to access recesses such as the lower part of the nostrils. Also, as they are made of fiber or cotton, they do not allow nutrients to evaporate before being absorbed.

STEP 8. The eye contour

This step is another of the basics of the Korean facial routine. The skin that surrounds our eyes is much finer and more delicate than that of the rest of the face, so it needs a special product to take care of it correctly.

 Apply a small amount only on the orbital bone (never on the eyelid or too close to the water line), tapping and using the ring finger, since it is the least powerful of all. This light massage will activate circulation and prevent the appearance of bags and wrinkles.

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STEP 9. The moisturizer

This step can not be missed either, not only in the Korean facial routine, but in any beauty routine worth its salt.

Without the moisturizer, the skin will never be fully hydrated. In addition, it is also responsible for sealing all the products that you have previously applied. Indispensable!

STEP 10. Sun protection

I'm sure you're not very used to this. But it is another of the strengths of this routine that makes Korean women have such perfect and beautiful skin.

Blessed be the sun, as it brings warmth, joy and a very beautiful tone to our skin.

But be careful because if we do not protect it well from it, it can cause us irreversible damage. The appearance of spots is a clear example of this, therefore, sunscreen should be the last step in your daily facial routine. Apply it before going out, whatever the day; since, even if it is cloudy, UV rays always filter and affect our skin.

And… c'est fini! This is what the Korean facial care routine is all about. 10 simple steps that will mark a before and after on your face.

Still, if you're still a bit reluctant or don't have the time, take a look at this facial routine alternative. It is also super effective!

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