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Jo Malone London: the new similar fragrances with the most desired aromas

Jo Malone London: the new similar fragrances with the most desired aromas

If you are looking for elegant aromas with that unconventional touch of sophistication that defines the cosmopolitan, urban and contemporaneous modern scene, you have to get to know our new perfumes, similar to those of the acclaimed British firm Jo Malone.

These envied essences, which have timeless airs but are full of ingenuity and fantasy, have captivated thousands of people all over the planet. And no wonder, their wide range makes it absolutely impossible that you won’t find more than one that completely conquers you. Not only that, you can also combine various ones of them together (layering of fragrances) to create unique perfumes, as if they were a made-to-order aroma.

Jo Malone, feminine and unisex fragrances

And it is worth noting that their fragrances with surprising notes have also seduced a multitude of celebrities, among them Duchess Meghan Markle, who counts among her favourite aromas Wild Bluebell by Joe Malone, a feminine floral aroma similar to DIVAIN-613 with an aquatic touch that is different than anything you’ve tried before, with head notes of bluebell and cloves which open into a heart of jasmine, lily of the valley and wild rose, and end with touches of musk and amber. Another of her favourites is Wood Sage & Sea Salt by Jo Malone, a fresh aroma, similar to DIVAIN-297, which surrounds you like a sea breeze and like that longed-for sensation of an endless summer, all thanks to its notes of musk ambrette, sea salt, sage, seaweed and grapefruit.

The distinguished simplicity of these fragrances and their original combination of notes are not only for women; they also have a multitude of unisex aromas, like Myrrh Tonka, similar to DIVAIN-253, warm and intense, with a certain air of mystery and in which notes of lavender, myrrh, vanilla, tonka beans and almond stand out; or Oud & Bergamot, similar to DIVAIN-247, inspired by the aromatic traditions of the Middle East. In it, the notes that stand out are Virginia cedar, bergamot, orange Amalfi lemon and oud wood, and it will conquer you just like them. Do you dare to find your favourites? Here you can see our selection and find those which are most suited to your tastes and personality.

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