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Discover the best jasmine perfumes that will win you over you with their aroma

9 of the best Perfumes with Jasmine

Jasmine is one of the most used flowers in perfumery when creating the most seductive and delicious fragrances. The beauty and aroma of this plant attracts both men and women who are won over by its essence.

Perfumers have been able to make the most of this white flower by offering scents for your skin loaded with unique sensations. In this article we bring you 9 of the best perfumes with jasmine. Read on to find out more!

Perfumes with a jasmine scent

Jasmine is a flower native to the Himalayas and over time has spread to the rest of the world, becoming very popular, thanks to its heady and stimulating fragrance. Jasmine is widely used in aromatherapy to relax the mind and body, and even as an aphrodisiac in some cultures.

Perfumes with this scent have fresh floral fragrances, but are also very seductive. If you like to attract attention then read on to discover the list of the 9 most popular jasmine scented perfumes for men and women on the market. Perfect for any occasion!

Know what is the ideal jasmine perfume to seduceALIEN FROM THIERRY MUGLER

Designed to stand out and seduce, Alien by Thierry Mugler for women (DIVAIN-091) is the most enveloping and intense jasmine perfume you can find on the market. The mixture of jasmine and amber and other woody notes create a delicate Eau de Parfum, that is a little different and very feminine.


Christian Dior knew how to make the most of this white flower with Pure Posion (DIVAIN-143), a captivating fragrance for women with a certain aura of mystery. This exotic perfume by Dior has a scent that stands out for its notes of orange, jasmine, bergamot, orange blossom, gardenia, amber and sandalwood. The idea was to set a new trend and launch a powerful and sensual perfume for women.


This best selling Eau de Parfum created with elegance and sophistication, stands out for its jasmine notes combined with other ingredients such as orchid, gardenia and truffle. Tom Ford's Black Orchid (DIVAIN-542) was launched in 2006 by Givaudan and has remained one of the brands best selling products for women ever since. The perfect complement to your most elegant look.


This perfume belonging to the floral olfactory family is one of the most vibrant and daring on the market. Miracle by Lancôme (DIVAIN-067) is the ideal fragrance product for seductive and elegant women. Its top notes of lychee and freesia combine perfectly with the heart notes of absolute jasmine, magnolia, ginger, pepper and mandarin. The result is a fresh and harmonious fragrance that you can use on any occasion.

List of the best jasmine scented perfumes on the marketBLOOM BY GUCCI

Bloom by Gucci (DIVAIN-572) is perfect if you are looking for an elegant floral eau de parfum with a strong jasmine presence. The brands combination of tuberose and jasmine turns out to be perfect, best for special occasions if you want to seduce to the max. Without a doubt, it is a perfume with a unique aroma that also stands out for its freshness and durability on the skin.


This eau de toilette is irresistible for its freshness and intense scent of jasmine. Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana (DIVAIN-053) surprises with its deep and true fragrance of apple, bamboo, Sicilian lemon, white rose, cedar, amber and musk. The result is a daring perfume for the woman who values the little things in life best.


Made with Sambac jasmine, this floral fragrance will give your skin a mysterious and seductive scent. Jasmin Noir by Bulgari (DIVAIN-125) was launched in 2008 and thanks to ingredients such as gardenia, almond, tonka bean, amber, patchouli, musk and the base note with liquorice, it has been possible to create a unique and unrepeatable perfume. You can use it for any occasion, but it is more irresistible at night.


Acqua Di Gio for men (DIVAIN-027) is one of the most popular perfumes on the market. Without a doubt, Giorgio Armani knew how to combine his ingredients in this perfumeand created a fragrance in harmony with nature as a weapon of seduction. In addition to jasmine, its aquatic notes, bergamot, orange, rose, white musk, patchouli and nutmeg complete this fresh and natural spring scent that is so provocative.


We end with this successful 1995 fragrance for men belonging to the floral green aromatic family. Hugo by Hugo Boss (DIVAIN-020) offers an exquisite combination for your skin of green apple, lavender, mint, grapefruit (grapefruit) and basil with floral ingredients as intense as sage, geranium and jasmine. Not forgetting the aura of mystery offered by base notes such as fir, cedar or patchouli. Definitely one of the most seductive and rebellious jasmine perfumes for men by this best selling brands creators.

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