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Creams with pure hyaluronic acid are the new must in the world of cosmetics

The face creams with hyaluronic acid that you have to introduce into your routine

They are the latest in the beauty world, and we are not surprised, since they provide a huge amount of benefits to all skin types.

Keep reading if you want to know which are the best facial creams with hyaluronic acid that you have to introduce in your facial routine. Only if you want to show off a scandal skin, of course.

What is hyaluronic acid and why is it good for the skin?

Hyaluronic acid is a structural component of skin cells and, despite its name, it is not an acid, but a type of sugar. It is responsible for the skin looking luminous and smooth, but there is a small problem ... The natural production of this substance by our body decreases over the years and exposure to UV rays. And the less acid we have present in the skin, the more dehydrated and wrinkled it will look.

For this reason, hydrating creams with hyaluronic acid have become essential for all beauty lovers. If you follow a constant treatment with one of the ones that we propose below, you will see how your skin looks rejuvenated and much more turgid and hydrated. And it is that this acid has a great capacity to retain water.

The best face creams with hyaluronic acid

Now without further ado, let's get down to business. We present the best creams with hyaluronic acid on the market.

Of course, no matter how good the cream or the facial tonic that you use in your routine, they will not be as effective if you do not remove makeup well. Removing makeup is vital to show off beautiful skin, so first of all, take a look at these 4 make-up removers that we propose to you.

Creams with collagen and hyaluronic acid

Revitalizing Supreme + Global Anti-Aging Cream of Estée Lauder is one of the best-selling collagen and hyaluronic acid creams on the market. And he has earned it, because it is one of the best anti-aging treatments that we have come across.

The active ingredients in its formula stimulate the skin's natural collagen production, an essential substance to resist the signs of aging. More than 96% of women who have tried it say that in just 4 weeks they felt their skin was firmer.

Retinol, vitamin C or collagen are also necessary for good skin

Pure hyaluronic acid creams

Within this category we want to present you one of the latest launches of the French brand Lancôme. Visionnaire Advanced Multi-Correcting Cream is a true marvel, as it makes even the dullest skin with expression lines look luminous and smooth again.

It achieves this thanks to its special formula rich in the LR2412 molecule - commonly known as the multi-repairing molecule - and in hyaluronic acid, which improves elasticity while providing a unique and very natural luminosity to the skin. Apply it every day, morning and night, and you will see how in just 4 weeks your skin begins to recover

Another wonderful cream is Capture Totale from Dior, which makes your skin 31% fuller, 21% firmer and 27% more radiant, in just one week. And we are not making these numbers up, no. These are the conclusions of a study carried out by the brand on more than 1700 women.

It took 212 formulas to find the right one. 91% of its ingredients are of natural origin, among which, of course, acetylated hyaluronic acid stands out (a new generation of this substance that Dior has patented for being 10 times more effective than any other existing one); and longoza, an exotic flower that grows in the bosom of Madagascar and has incredible properties.

Creams with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C

Ok, okay, this is not a cream, but we just couldn't stop showing you this Nezeni Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C Serum. And it is going to help you prevent the signs of aging, reduce lines and wrinkles, and will make your skin have a more uniform tone and much more luminosity.

Its formula uses only ingredients of natural origin, and its active ingredients are highly concentrated, among which the star stands out, vitamin C, supplemented by hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, which provide extra hydration and leave the skin fuller and juicier.

Creams with retinol and hyaluronic acid

One of the consumer's favorite anti-wrinkle treatments is L'oreal's Revitalift Laser Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid Cream. It can be found in various formulas, both serum and cream, but all of them are highly effective and have been shown to reduce wrinkles in 100% of women who have used them.

Get this cream with retinol and hyaluronic acid and your skin will feel much more hydrated, supple and smooth… in just 4 weeks!

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