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Discover how to use a jade roller in your facial routine

How to use the jade rolling pin: tips and benefits

Facial care is something fundamental, but not everyone gives it the importance it deserves. However, lately society is becoming more aware of this and more and more people are focusing on having a beautiful, clean and, above all, healthy face.

If you are one of those people who care about their health and love to take care of themselves, one of the objects that cannot be missing in your home is a jade roller. A product that will help your skin maintain its natural beauty without damaging it. In this article we tell you all about the jade roller, its benefits and how to use it.

What is the jade roller and what is it used for?

A jade roller is a tool that will allow you to massage your face to remove impurities.

For proper use, this utensil consists of a handle and two jade stones, one at each end. The first and larger one is intended to massage the larger areas of the skin, such as the forehead, cheeks, neck or jaw. The smaller stone is ideal for use around the eyes and mouth.

Jade is considered the stone of women and has been used in China for many, many years. As you can see, this tool is ideal for the care of your face, and will help you to always look beautiful and fresh. And even more rejuvenated.

By the way! I'm sure you'll also be interested to know all about snail cream. A very popular cosmetic in the world of beauty thanks to its infinite benefits.

Benefits and purpose of a jade roller

Benefits of the jade roller

Frequent use of a jade roller can provide you with a host of benefits. Below are some of the main benefits this tool has for your skin.

  • It helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, so it is ideal if you suffer from pronounced dark circles under the eyes. We also recommend you take a look at this article with the best anti-dark circles products on the market.
  • It is perfect for achieving fine line reduction, which helps to control wrinkles on your face.
  • With just a small massage of about 5 minutes you will tighten the skin. And, therefore, improve its elasticity.
  • Promotes circulation.
  • A jade roller can significantly improve lymphatic drainage.
  • It is also able to help your skin absorb skin care products much better.
  •  It helps you to relax.
  • It has the capacity to eliminate toxins accumulated in the areas to be treated.

As you can see, using a jade roller has many benefits for your skin. That is why it is easy to find one in the homes of those who are determined to take care of the health of their face.

Difference between jade roller and rose quartz roller

How to use the jade roller

Now that you know a bit more about what a jade roller is and all the benefits it could bring you, let's move on to how to use it correctly.

  • Before use, it is important that it is cold. So just put it in the refrigerator for a few minutes. This is to help improve blood circulation and tone the skin.
  • The next thing to do is to cleanse your skin. Make sure you don't have any make-up, oil or dirt on your skin. Wash your face with soap before using the roller and dry yourself well before using it.
  • Go about your skincare routine as normal. Apply your usual cleansers, creams and oils before using the roller. We do this because the roller will facilitate the absorption of the products, which is extremely important and beneficial for your skin. Check out this post with the most important tips for a well done facial routine.
  • Now start massaging the face by applying a little pressure in an upward direction. It is not recommended to massage downwards as this will lose the ability to improve lymphatic drainage.
  • Once the face and neck are finished, we move on to using the small stone for the eyes. The massage in this area goes from the tear trough outwards. This is the most effective way to do it.
  • At the end, all that remains is to clean the roller and put it away for the next session. Remember that this is something that is recommended to do on a daily basis as part of your facial care routine.

Oh, and most importantly: Relax and enjoy every session 😉.

Difference between jade and rose quartz roller

If you have ever searched for rollers on the internet you will have noticed that there are two types of rollers on the market that are quite similar: the jade roller and the rose quartz roller. And you may be wondering what their differences are. And the truth is that the differences between them are more than aesthetic, so it is important to know them.

The key to choosing between them lies in the type of skin you have. Rose quartz is more commonly used for combination, normal and sensitive skin. While jade is ideal for oily or acne-prone skin.

Best jade rollers

Gua Sha jade roller

This is one of the most popular jade rollers on the market. It is made of natural jade and of very good quality, with which you can get all the benefits that this stone has to offer. Also, being one of the best roller brands, you will feel more confident about the authenticity of the stone.

Lexi White Beauty Jade Roller

This is a wonderful roller kit that has several tools that will make your facial care routine much easier. It is made of 100% natural jade stone that offers all the benefits of this stone.

BEPER jade roller

This is a kit that includes a natural jade stone roller and a Gua Sha, also made of natural jade. This is an ideal combination for perfect skin care. It has good size and lightness, so it is very easy to handle even for smaller areas, making the exercise more effective. In addition, it has a very affordable price, which makes it an excellent alternative if you want to give it a try.

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