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Discover the best tips for saving money on your shopping basket

13 tips to save money in the supermarket shopping cart

One of the big unavoidable expenses in a family's budget is undoubtedly the shopping basket. However, there are tricks to reduce this expense that you can apply in your day-to-day life and that will help you to save some money when you go shopping at the supermarket. It is not a question of buying less, but of being organised and knowing how to choose the right products.

Here are some tips on how to save on your shopping and how to promote responsible consumption among your family members. Take note!

How to save on the shopping basket

According to studies by the OCU, a family spends on average between 400 and 500 euros per month on the shopping basket. This means that more than 5,000 euros a year of the family budget is spent on this. If you want to know how you can reduce this expenditure without sacrificing, pay attention to these savings tips we give you.

And of course, don't forget to take a look at our post on how to save money at home every day.

Money-saving tips for supermarket shopping

Define a purchasing budget

One of the first things you should do to keep track of the money you spend on food is to set a budget, whether it is daily, weekly or monthly. This will make it much easier to know how much you spend on groceries and avoid wasting money on unnecessary products.

Choosing the cheapest supermarket

If you live in an area surrounded by several supermarkets, choose the one with the lowest prices. You can save up to €1000 a year if you make the right choice. You can also consider whether going to a supermarket further away might be more cost-effective than walking to the supermarket in your neighbourhood or residential area where prices are sky-high.

There are also products that are cheaper in some supermarkets than in others. For example, you may find it better to buy cleaning products in a different supermarket to the one you usually go to for groceries.

Plan the week's menus

We recommend that on Sunday you plan all the week's meals in advance. This way you will know exactly what food or ingredients you will need so that you can buy the essentials. This way you will avoid having to throw food away because it has passed its use-by date and has not yet been consumed.

How to save money in the shopping basket and encourage responsible consumption

Keep a shopping list with you at all times

One of the reasons why we often buy more than we need is because we have not made a list. Plan your shopping beforehand and add to the list only those products that you consider necessary. To do this, check your pantry before going out and check what you have and what you need.

And now, with new technologies, you will never forget it at home. There are mobile apps that will help you manage and plan your shopping list, which you can always carry with you.

Opt for cheaper brands

Another trick to save on groceries is that whenever you can, choose private label products at the best price. This will save you a lot of money every year. Assess which brand-name products are essential for you because of their quality or because you simply like them better, and for those for which the brand is not so important, choose the private label. And remember that "private label" does not have to be synonymous with poor quality.

And if your supermarket doesn't have its own brand, you can always substitute the brand you usually buy for a cheaper one. The key is to try it out - important! To really know if one product is more expensive than another, you should look at the unit price.

In the case of perfumes, for example, you can opt for equivalent fragrances. Don't forget that at DIVAIN you can find the best equivalence perfumes at the best price, you'll love them!

Choose seasonal products

Seasonal products, such as fruit and vegetables, have lower prices or are often on sale. For this reason, opting for this type of food when shopping at the supermarket will help you to spend less. In addition, they are high quality and very fresh products.

Avoid ready-made products

If time is not an issue when it comes to preparing your favourite recipes, then avoid buying ready-made products because they are usually more expensive. We are also talking about products such as tomato sauce, hummus or grated cheese. If you buy the ingredients separately and prepare your own sauce, it will be much cheaper.

Bulk purchase

The best way to fit the amount of product you need is to buy in bulk. Packs or packaged products are often more expensive and may not fit the quantity you are looking for and may end up being thrown away.

Purchase by sections

If you know your way around the supermarket like the back of your hand, it is best to organise your list by section. This will save you time and you won't be tempted to divert your attention with other products or unnecessary treats.

And by the way, products such as sweets next to the checkouts are strategically placed to tempt you to impulse buy and add a couple of euros more to your basket. Hold back the temptation and avoid them at all costs.

Take a basket or trolley of the size of your purchase

If you take a trolley that is too big, when you have filled it with the products on the list, it will seem like something is missing and you may be tempted to keep filling it.

Shop online

Shopping online has many advantages. As well as not having to go to the supermarket in person, it also allows you to stick to your shopping list much better and avoid being tempted or wasting money on a whim. You will also find it much easier to compare the prices of various products and supermarkets to choose the ones that best suit your budget.

Don't shop hungry

One of the biggest enemies when it comes to saving money on groceries is hunger. Make sure you have eaten well before you go to the supermarket, otherwise it is easier to indulge yourself and buy unnecessary food.

Loyalty Card

If you always go to the same supermarket, get a loyalty or membership card. This is one of the best ways to save on your shopping and even benefit from other rewards such as free gifts or limited and exclusive offers.
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