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How to recycle plastic bags correctly

How to recycle plastic bags: 7 very original and simple ideas

Plastic is part of our daily lives, present in almost everything we do. However, it is one of the most polluting materials and has a very harmful effect on the planet's fauna and flora due to its chemical composition and slow degradation process. In fact, it is the number one enemy of the seas and oceans.

At DIVAIN we are committed to the environment and we are part of the Planet First movement. That's why we want to dedicate this blog post to tell you how to recycle plastic bags. We have some very original ideas that are very easy to do. Discover them!

7 ideas for recycling plastic bags

Did you know that a plastic supermarket bag can take 150 years to degrade? That's a lot of time! We are sure that you have used your bags more than once to go shopping again. But there are many other uses for them that you may not know about, here are a few ideas to inspire you! ;)

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Making a case for your glasses

Cut out a rectangle that matches one of the corners of the bottom of the bag and is approximately the size of your glasses. Then glue or silicone the open side with glue or silicone.

Next, make several holes at the top (this will be the hole through which the glasses will be inserted) and thread a string or a piece of wool through the holes, one on the inside and one on the outside. You will now have the closure of your case and it will be ready to take your glasses anywhere you go.

Ideas and tips for recycling your plastic grocery bags

For freezing food

Plastic can be a good substitute for the foil or film we use to freeze meat and fish. Cut your bag into smaller pieces and you will have plenty of freezer bags to wrap your food in. Definitely an easy and simple way to help the environment.

Plastic flowers

Give your favourite corners of the house a cheerful and colourful touch with beautiful bouquets made from plastic flowers. There are lots of original ways to create your own recycled flowers. The internet is full of step-by-step tutorials on how to make them. It can be a great way to decorate your home or also a nice handmade gift for that special someone.

For pets

Another way to reduce your environmental impact is to use plastic bags to collect your pet's droppings. This will save you money on the purchase of these bags and you can give a new life to your supermarket bags.

Bracelets and necklaces

If you are a lover of jewellery and crafts, let your imagination run wild and use the plastic bags to make your own personalised bracelets and necklaces. Cut the bag into three strips and gather them all together at one end to start making a braid with them while, at the same time, you gradually insert the beads you like at the ends of each strip. When you have the size you want, tie a knot at each end and glue the hooks.

This is a great idea to do with young children to have a good time with them and raise awareness of the importance of recycling.

Making coasters

If you are a creative person and you like crafts, you will surely be interested to know how you can create your most original coasters. Cut out several pieces of the plastic bag in a circular shape. Then take some kitchen paper and cut several pieces of the same size and shape as the plastic circles. Next, you will need to glue all the layers of plastic and kitchen paper together; to do this, use the iron at a low temperature to prevent the plastic from sticking to it.

The more layers of paper and plastic you use, the thicker and stronger your coasters will be. Also, if you use coloured or patterned bags, you will give them a unique and fun touch.

Original tablecloths

Finally, another idea for recycling your plastic bags is to create your own tablecloths. To do this, take three bags of different colours and place them on top of each other. If you want to personalise them, you can cut small pieces from other bags, with geometric shapes or silhouettes of whatever you can think of and place them on the top layer. Then add a layer to the bottom layer of baking paper and another layer on top. Take the iron and at a lukewarm temperature, pass it over the top. Now you will have your most original tablecloths ready to place on your terrace or living room table.

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