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Best ideas to recycle your old jeans step by step

7 ideas to recycle your old jeans give them a second life!

Have your favorite jeans ripped or are they too old? Don't throw them away! At DIVAIN we bring you a lot of ideas so you can recycle and take advantage of them. Not only will you create original designs, you will also help promote responsible consumption and conservation of the environment by being part of the movement Planet First.

If you are creative, you like crafts and do not want to say goodbye to your jeans, pay attention to these ideas on how to recycle old jeans step by step.

How to recycle old jeans step by step 

The fabric of jeans is very versatile and when it comes to recycling your old jeans you can create a lot of things: cushions, rugs, bags, bracelets, etc ... Discover the ideas that we bring you and get inspired! Creativity has no limits!

Crafts to give your old jeans a second life

Toiletry bag or case

That idea is perfect if your old jeans are baggy. To do this, you must trim the bottom of one of the pant legs. Sew or glue one of the sides to form what will be the bottom of the toiletry bag or case.

For a more original and colorful touch, it is best to put several patches and decorative strips to cover the seams or any tears or holes that it may have.

Finally, if you do not want the things inside to fall out or you are going to use it for your trips, it is best to add a zipper or button to the top so that it can be closed and opened when necessary. And ready! you will already have your country style case or toiletry bag to take everywhere made with recycled jeans.


If you want to give your living room sofa a different touch, you can transform your jeans into very original cushions. If you want an elongated cushion, put the filling of the material you want inside one leg, which you must have previously cut. Then close both ends with a zipper or with a needle and thread.

If you prefer a square cushion, cut out several pieces of fabric from your pants and tie them together. You can combine these fabrics with other colored and patterned fabrics to give it a more original touch.

How to recycle old jeans with these simple ideas


If your pants have at least four pockets or you want to recycle more than one old jean, you can get creative and make an organizer to store everything you want: makeup, work materials, the remote control, etc ...

The first thing to do is cut all the pockets of your jeans. Then take a fabric, either from the jeans you want to reuse, or any other fabric with a nice design, and simply sew the pockets onto the fabric.

Ah! and you can also use a pocket to sew it to that original cushion that you have made with the rest of the fabric. You will design the best place to store your remote control and never lose sight of it.


This is one of the simplest crafts. Just take an empty canning tin and measure its height. Then cut a piece of fabric adapted to that measurement from the trouser leg and insert the can into the cut fabric. Add some trinkets and stickers to make it more fun and stick a decorative fabric on top so that the cut is not visible.

Carpet for decoration

Add a different touch to your home with a rug made from your old jeans. Ideally, you should have several jeans of different shades that you want to recycle. First cut out several rectangular pieces from the different pants (we recommend that they all have the same measurements) and join them together until the rug is the size you want.

Creativity has no limits, so you can play to combine colors and other fabrics to give it a much more personalized and authentic touch.

Shopping bag

Create a shopping bag out of those jeans you no longer wear. It is the best alternative to plastic bags made with recycled materials. You can do it in a thousand ways, but if you want something easy, cut the bottom of each leg from the knee and then put the two pieces together and sew the bottom.

To create the bag handles, trim the top of the pants, right where the belt goes. Cut the strip in two and sew the two handles on each side of the bag. Add some decoration or sticker and you will have your best ally to go shopping.

Take a look at this article to do more recycled plastic crafts. Take care of the environment!


Finally, another idea that we propose to recycle the clothes that you no longer use, is to make a bracelet. Cut three or two strips of fabric from your old jeans and braid them. Glue or tie a knot at the end and at the beginning so that the braid does not unravel. Finally add a clasp to close it or simply tie the two ends once you have placed it on your wrist.

As you can see, recycling your jeans is the easiest thing in the world. If you like crafts, sign up some of these ideas and let your imagination run wild! 

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