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How to know if a perfume is original

How to know if a perfume is original

If you have arrived here, it’s because you are interested in perfumes. A perfume is a very importance accessory, it’s a way to express your personality by way of a fragrance. Unfortunately, in today’s market, counterfeit perfumes are quite common and when you decide on a fragrance you are faced with the drama of how to know if a perfume is original. In this article we will try to give some recommendations and advice.

Figuring out the difference between an original perfume and a counterfeit can sometimes be a fairly difficult task and there are different factors to keep in mind in order to be able to tell the difference.

Factors to determine whether a perfume is original

Safety: the most dangerous thing about buying counterfeits is the risk that they involve for your health. They tend to be manufactured outside of Europe in order to reduce costs, which means they don’t come with the same guarantees as a safe product.

The bottle: the counterfeits try to appear as similar as possible to the originals, at least on the outside. In order to do that, they use identical bottles to try to pass themselves off as the original. You have to pay close attention to every detail.

The fragrance: maybe on the outside the bottle is identical to a well-known brand of perfume, but the most important thing, the fragrance, sometimes has little or no similarity to the product that it is trying to pass itself off as.

The price: the price is another factor that can help you determine if you are looking at a copy or at an original product. If this well-known perfume has a suspiciously low price, it’s most likely a counterfeit.

What other alternatives are there? Replica perfumes.

If what you want is a perfume with a similar fragrance, but more economical and with the guarantees of a high-quality product, the best thing for you is to go to replica perfumes.

DIVAIN is one of the benchmark companies in this sector, because its perfumes are made in Spain, which means they are made following European quality-control standards.

We should mention that a replica perfume is not the same as a counterfeit. In the case of counterfeits, the attempt is to trick the client by passing off a copy as the original product.The main difference between original and replica perfumes is the bottle. The bottles of the original perfumes are extremely unique and their price matches the amount of work involved in their design. Replica perfumes only duplicate the fragrance, not the bottle, in order to make the fragrance more accessible to the general public.

Now that you know a little more clearly how to know whether a perfume is original, as well as knowing the difference between a counterfeit and a replica, you can better choose the type of perfume that goes with you. Don’t hesitate in getting it from DIVAIN.

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