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Discover the best hairstyles for men with a receding hairline

Best Hairstyles for Men with a receding hairline - Tips and Tricks

Hair loss is a very common problem that many men face. If you feel that the amount of hair on your head has started to decrease, then read on for some pointers on the best haircuts for men with a receding hairline. Choose the style that best suits your hairline!

Very short hairstyles

The best way to hide your receding hairline is by keeping your hair style short with the sides zeroed. It will be practically shaved with a very attractive gradient. Once cut, apply hair gel to style it to the side to create a modern look, and a style that will hide hair loss.

Side strips

Another hairstyle to disguise a receding hairline is to have a short haircut with the more marked side strips. Unlike the previous cut where the sides are degraded to 0, and the top to the side, in this hairstyles you can leave the sides at 1 or 1.5.
You can easily disguise your receding hairline creating the effect that your hair is fuller than it seems. You can even complement it with a fringe by making a wave-shaped toupee, like the classic 50s hairstyle.

Disguise your hair loss with these hairstyles for men with receding hairToupee with long fringe

Another hairstyle to help hide a receding hairline is the toupee with a long fringe. To get a good look with a toupee you should use gel or wax to give your hair decent volume. You could also try hair treatment that helps hair grow back again on top.

Discreet toupee

If your hair is receding and you want a much more discreet and simple look to help you hide hair loss, this is a great option. This hairstyle is defined by having very short sides. The top is left short, so using only a little wax, to control it and give it volume, is enough. This cut is popular and best among men with curly hair, as it is very easy to style even if you have completely wild locks.

Long hair on top

Another popular hairstyle for men with curly hair and a receding hairline is to leave their hair long on top. By having the hair or curls longer, for example, below the ear, you can arrange them in a way that their volume helps cover the rest of the head, thus hiding the receding hairline.

Haircuts and hairstyles for men with a receding hairlineLong hair combed back

One of the most common styles in men with a receding hairline, and a hairstyle that most affects their self-esteem is balding on the crown. There are hairstyles that can help to hide this though. Simply by leaving the hair on top long it can be combed back, taking advantage of the length to cover and hide the crown. With this haircut some wax or spray to keep hair in place is essential. Of course these days there are hair treatments that help you delay hair loss and even reverse this balding look on top.


If you have already lost a lot of hair and hiding the hairline is impossible, then the best solution is to shave your hair completely.
There are men who look very attractive with this look. For example, Jason Statham and Bruce Willis. So don't be afraid to join in their low maintenance, attractive haircut that hides all evidence of a receding hairline whether it be at the sides, on your hairline or on your crown.

You should also remember that even if you don't have hair, it is important to take care of your scalp using products to hydrate the skin and keep it looking healthy.

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