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The 10 best perfumes for a young man The 10 best perfumes for a young man The 10 best perfumes for a young man

The Top 10 Best Fragrances for young Men

Everyone knows that finding gifts for a man is challenging, especially if he is young! At DIVAIN we want to help you where ever we can. To get rid of any headaches for you, today we bring you a list of the top 10 best fragrances for young men.

If you want your gifts to be a hit or simply want to change your fragrance don't miss out on our Top 10 list.


Our top 10 starts with CK One by Calvin Klein (DIVAIN-030). It is unique, as its name suggests. It is ideal for honest and transparent men. The natural and freshness of this fragrance perfectly complement a young spirit. In addition, it is unisex, so you can give it to your boy and steal it later. A best buy all round!


Acqua Di Gio by Armani (DIVAIN-027) is undoubtedly one of the best men's perfumes, par excellence! Despite belonging to the aquatic olfactory family and being very fresh, it is tremendously intoxicating and seductive. Since the Italian fashion house Giorgio Armani launched this fragrance in 1996, it has gained more and more followers all over the world. Defiantely a top buy!


If there is something that characterises young men, it is their desire to do a thousand things at once and always be active. Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren (DIVAIN-264) is the ideal perfume for them since its fresh and masculine scent make it suitable for all kinds of occasions. A very, very wearable fragrance.

Which are the best colognes for young men?BOSS BOTTLED BY HUGO BOSS

All the class and elegance that characterises the German brand Hugo Boss can be found in a single bottle thanks to the Hugo Boss Boss Bottled fragrance (DIVAIN-023). This fragrance is the embodiment of a successful, elegant and seductive man. Attributes which, undoubtedly, are more than valued by today's young people. Woody and intense, it captivates everyone.


Givenchy Play by Givenchy (DIVAIN-219) is one of the best young fragrances 'pour homme', thanks to its citrus notes and its fresh aroma. Modern but timeless, light but elegant; The fragrance seems to get chosen by the most seductive and fun guys. This is a good scent suitable for use on all occasions.


The ideal scent for self-confident men who love sport above all else is DIVAIN-018. It's scent is intoxicating but cool at the same time, which is a winning combination. It unites the best of elegance and masculinity, with the best of sporty fragrances. Belonging to the woody olfactory family, it is a very masculine cologne but also ideal for the youngest adolescents day or night.


Light Blue by Dolce & Gabanna (DIVAIN-038) is an icon in the world of men's cologne. The best representation of the Mediterranean Sea. A sophisticated, sexy and very masculine scent, whilst resembling freshness in a bottle. Everyone who smells it will fall in love. It is impossible that you have not heard of this scent, it's advertising campaign is one of the most emblematic and remembered by all, due to his beauty and sensuality.

best fragrances to help a young man succeedAVENTUS BY CREED

The ideal fragrance for original young people and those who do not like to follow the rules is Aventus by Creed (DIVAIN-228). An unforgettable and delicious scent, very different from other fragrances for men but also super masculine. This cologne is a breath of fresh air and originality. The combination of essence notes has not been seen before and is a very good combination.


Discover one of the most masculine and intoxicating scents that exist with this cologne, Sauvage by Dior (DIVAIN-222). This perfume is suitable for all types, and is gaining more and more followers among the younger crowd. It is a fresh scent and a safe bet for those who are not massively into perfumes or who have not yet found their ideal fragrance. It can (almost certainly) be this.


Also in our top 10 perfumes for young men, a fragrance from the legendary American designer Tommy Hilfiger. The chosen perfume is Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger (DIVAIN-211). Why? Because it is made by and for them. A casual, fresh citrus perfume that you will not be able to resist. Never mind its iconic bottle.

We hope that this article will give you some good ideas and serve as a reference so that you never have problems when deciding what perfume to get for a young man. Your man will love any and all of these scents and will never go unnoticed with these fragrances. Quite a kick for his self-esteem.

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