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Niche or author perfumes are unique and unbeatable fragrances

Do you know what a niche perfume is?

Perfumes are not only a second layer for our skin, but they also say a lot about our personality. That is why we usually look for a perfume that we like but above all that identifies us and makes us feel super different and special.

And in order to stand out for our scent… it is best to turn to niche perfumes. Do you know what they are? Whether you know it or not, do not stop reading, because we are going to give you all their keys and recommend a lot of niche brands and perfumes that are going to drive you completely crazy. Little word of DIVAIN!

Niche perfumes: characteristics

Niche perfumery is so named because its market share is relatively small, it invests very little in advertising (it is a product that tends to 'sell itself': the niche brand is not looking for you, but you are looking for it). For this reason, it is usually found in singular points of sale, carefully chosen, aimed at a buyer looking for a different perfume and unrelated to trends.

And it is that, an author perfume, as its nickname indicates, has the creativity, originality and freedom in its elaboration of the master perfumer who creates it. It is therefore a work of art for a limited number of customers who are truly passionate about perfumery, who know how to appreciate the uniqueness of these delicious scents.

Other of its main characteristics are its essences and raw materials, which are far from the conventional and are of a quality (and price, of course) much higher than that of commercial perfumes. In addition, they are not massively produced, so the chances of matching another person using it are much more difficult.

In short, these are totally special and unique creations that invite you to expand your olfactory horizons.

Tom Ford, Penhaligon's or Mancera are niche perfumery brands

Is it possible to find niche perfumes online?

Of course yes! Today online shopping is the order of the day as they make things much easier for us and you can find everything. And the most exclusive fragrances were not going to be less. Here are some of the equivalences of the niche perfume brands that you can find in the DIVAIN catalogue, with the advantage that they are of excellent quality but at a much lower price than the original niche aromas. What to say! We love to make the most luxurious perfumes accessible to all audiences:

But we do not stop here, we also want to show you some of our favorite niche perfumes, both for women and men; perfect to get started in this exciting field of the world of perfumery.

Women's niche perfumes

Dark Amber & Ginger Lily by Jo Malone (DIVAIN-617)

This niche women's perfume is a rarity in a good sense of the word because there are no words in the dictionary to describe the combo of sensations that it will make you experience as soon as you smell it.

A warm and calm aura that completely invades you, thanks to its exclusive notes of black cardamom, water lily, Kyara incense and black amber; among many others.

Oud Ispahan by Christian Dior (DIVAIN-660)

Oud Ispahan is the olfactory translation of an Eastern palace, an intoxicating fragrance that does not renounce anything.

Its floral oud is a dichotomy between softness and intensity, impossible to forget and that will undoubtedly arouse your curiosity.

Best men's niche perfumes

Herod de Parfums de Marly (DIVAIN-310)

A unique and atabacado aroma, reminiscent of an elegant gentleman smoking a pipe. Delicious and ideal for the coldest days of the year. Even if you do not intend it, it will highlight your charisma and strength, so it will become your most faithful companion to overcome all the obstacles that arise in your routine.

Penhaligon's The Tragedy of Lord George (DIVAIN-327)

Although the tragedy bears the name, it does not cause a feeling of regret at all, quite the opposite. If you gave a dandy a perfume to choose, he would choose this without hesitation.

Woody, amber, vanilla, spicy and warm. Come on, irresistible.

And there are not only niche perfumes for women and men, there are also unisex ones!:

Rouge Malachite by Giorgio Armani (DIVAIN-652)

Although it has a very characteristic floral touch, it is not an eau de parfum for women as such, but it is unisex. And if unisex fragrances are already super different in themselves (we adore them), imagine if they are author's on top: real wonders emerge, like this Rouge Malachite.

Intense and with a lot of charisma, since it is inspired by Russian lands, in the world of oriental luxury.

Gypsy Water by Byredo (DIVAIN-245)

Another unisex niche perfume is Gipsy Water, with woody and fresh notes that invite you to live in freedom. All a breath of fresh air that will give you a very special energy in your day to day.

 High-quality and exclusive ingredients are characteristic of signature perfumes

It is always a good idea to experiment in the exciting universe of signature scents, because finding your niche perfume is a unique experience. When you find it, you feel a crush, you know that it is the right one, because it awakens in you an incomparable feeling. We hope you find it among our DIVAIN!

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