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DIVAIN-575, sophisticated sweetness, based on Bonbon by Viktor & Rolf

DIVAIN-575, sophisticated sweetness, based on Bonbon by Viktor & Rolf

DIVAIN-575, sophisticated sweetness, based on Bonbon by Viktor & Rolf

A few days ago, we finally brought out DIVAIN-575, a perfumed based on Bonbon by Viktor & Rolf. Using perfume doesn’t have to be just another part of your daily routine, it can be an entirely new experience, and this feminine fragrance gives a whole new meaning to sensuality.

DIVAIN-575 fragrance notes, inspired by Bonbon by Viktor & Rolf

  • Top notes: mandarin, orange, peach.
  • Middle/heart notes: caramel, jasmine, orange blossom.
  • Base notes: cedar, gaiac wood, sandalwood, amber.

History of Bonbon by Viktor & Rolf

Bonbon, by Dutch fashion house Viktor & Rolf, is a women's perfume that was launched in 2014. Such a name can only mean one thing: this is a sweet-smelling perfume, with caramel notes that become increasingly more intense over time. Just like a bonbon, this fragrance is delicious, even edible.


It came after another perfume by Viktor & Rolf; Flowerbomb, which was created in 2005. The brand wanted to create something bigger and better than its already best-selling product. With Bonbon, they wanted to let women stand out with a fragrance that was just as attractive, but with its own original personality.

The perfumers’ idea was to create "something fresh and natural, yet sensual" but, most importantly, something very sweet. The caramel notes stand out right from the beginning and last until the end, just like heating sugar in a pan. To balance it out, the perfumers included base notes of wood, with a pinch of orange blossom and jasmine at the heart of the fragrance, yet it still smells 100% sweet.

It’s the edible aspect that really makes this perfume stand out from similar perfumes. It's as sweet as Flowerbomb (also available in our catalogue, DIVAIN-166) but it's definitely more sophisticated - not one for children.

Do you want DIVAIN-575? If this is the fragrance for you, click here.

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