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The world's best-selling perfumes are synonymous with exquisiteness and quality

The 10 best-selling perfumes in the world

Knowing which is the best-selling perfume in history is not an easy task, since the origins of the world of perfumery date back to the times of the egyptians and of the Ancient Greece. So imagine how many thousands not, millions of fragrances have been created since the dawn of mankind.

Although it is true that until it was considered a product for commercial purposes, many centuries had to pass. And it was in the 16th century when the Italian perfumer Juan María Farina created what is considered the world's first commercial perfume, Eau de Cologne (Eau de Cologne).

But, of course, this is not the best seller, since the perfume industry took on real relevance from the last century, in which fragrances came to be considered as authentic objects of desire.

Every year about 200 new scents are launched on the market, so the perfumes that we present below have a lot of merit. And it is that not only have they survived the passage of time, but they are considered the most successful, since they are the best-selling perfumes in the world.

Thierry Mugler, Calvin Klein or Dior are some of the most successful perfume brands in the world

The best perfumes in history (according to sales)

On many occasions, the success in sales of a product does not guarantee that it is the best, but in this case, we can affirm that the following, apart from the best sellers, are also some of the best perfumes in history.


One of the most famous women's perfumes par excellence. We can tell you little that you don't already know about this classic and feminine eau de parfum, which owes much of its success to the actress Marilyn Monroe.


So mysterious and magnetic that it was impossible not to triumph. This fragrance, launched in 1985, has become one of the best-selling French perfumes, thanks to its attractive and intoxicating aroma. Several versions of it have been made, which have also been very successful in sales, such as Poison Girl by Dior (DIVAIN-184) or Pure Poison (DIVAIN-143).


Oriental, sweet, sensual… how could this delicious eau de parfum launched in the early 90's not break all records? In fact, thanks to him, the French house is in the number 3 position of the highest-grossing perfume brands in history.

And its male namesake, A * Men by Thierry Mugler (DIVAIN-036) it is also always at the top of men's perfumes.


This fragrance launched in 1994 was a revolution. Its citrus and refreshing notes were (and are) a breath of fresh air for the industry. But it is not because of its notes that CK One stands out, but because it is considered the first unisex perfume in modern perfumery. There is nothing.


A perfume that invites you to immerse yourself in the dream world is clear that it was going to succeed. It reached record figures, thanks to being transgressive and daring at the time it was released (1977). And it is that it achieved a collection of nothing more and nothing less than 3 million dollars in the first 10 months after its launch.

In its male version (Opium Pour Homme EDT, DIVAIN-045) is also considered one of the top sales of men's perfumes.


Another of the top selling perfumes for women is Shalimar. Jacques Guerlain himself devised this fragrance in 1925, inspired by the gardens of one of the 7 wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal.

This fragrance has been the forerunner of the aromatic representation of the luxury and exoticism of the Arab world in perfumery, something that is done in many creations (especially niche perfumes) today.

Fruity floral fragrances are usually always at the top of best-selling perfumes.


The French house Dior is back on our list, not in vain, it is declared one of the best-selling women's perfume brands in history. This time with the golden jewel J'Adore, one of the best-selling floral fruity perfumes in the world since it was launched back in 1999.

Its elegant and sophisticated aroma have made it one of the favorites of women around the world, especially when they want to exalt their femininity and sensuality to the fullest.


This is undoubtedly the best-selling Jo Malone perfume. The British brand specializing in niche perfumery has broken records with this refreshing fragrance, a favorite of the Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle.


Who has not heard of him? It is one of the most popular perfumes, sweeping sales year after year since it was launched in 2003. It has conquered the hearts of millions of women and girls and is also one of the best-selling floral fruity perfumes in history.

Its version for men, Amour pour Homme de Cacharel (DIVAIN-254), is a little less known, but also delicious and ideal to wear on a day-to-day basis.


A fragrance from the iconic Italian duo Dolce & Gabbana could not be missing from our list. With its Light Blue, both for women and men (Light Blue Pour Homme, DIVAIN-038) have triumphed and have managed to sneak into the list of the most famous perfumes in the world, despite the fact that its first version was launched at the beginning of this century.

Refreshing, sexy, and ideal for summer. You can not miss it in your collection!

We hope this review of the best-selling perfumes for women and men has inspired you and helped you choose your next gifts (or self-gifts).

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