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Top rating with the best Loewe perfumes for women

Best Loewe perfumes for women

We know that you are aware that it does not have to be a special occasion to wear one of the best perfumes for women, because every day is a new opportunity to show your natural beauty.

In this article we leave you a list of the best Loewe perfumes for women that exist. Discover the one that best matches your personality and highlights your inner essence.

Loewe colognes for women, which is the best?

Some of these perfumes had their first version as a fragrance for men and following requests from its customers, Loewe created a line for women, becoming one of the best sellers today. And it is not a result of luck! Loewe remained a brand that listens to the needs of its consumers and does not compromise on the quality of its products.

If you wish to buy one of its women's fragrances to expand your collection or for a special occasion, take notice because we show you an analysis of its aromas and qualities that will bring out the best of you at all times.

Analysis of Loewe fragrances for women

To find your ideal fragrance, you need to know a little more about it first. Here below is a more detailed analysis of the best equivalent Loewe fragrances for women.

Solo Loewe Ella (DIVAIN-589)

There is no doubt that Solo Loewe Ella is one of the best women's perfumes by Loewe because it is dedicated to a sensual woman with a lot of personality. This cologne has a mysterious air that will help you to present yourself as a free, charismatic and self-confident woman.

Its top notes are fruity, achieved by a combination of peach, apple, bitter orange and pear. It is followed by floral notes of jasmine, rose and violet to give it femininity. It concludes with, the scent of precious woods and amber, a touch that adds magnetism and enigma.

Aura White Magnolia (DIVAIN-690)

Another of Loewe's best women's perfumes. Aura has reinvented to portray a representation of the radiance and light that a muse exudes. The inspiration for this perfume is the aura that all living beings radiate, highlighting your inner strength and becoming the muse for artists.

The composition of our Aura White Magnolia equivalent features magnolia flower, a note that undoubtedly gives rise to a very feminine fragrance. It is designed with heart notes  that blends yuzu, tincture of vanilla and candyfloss, and as a result, you have a fragrance that is sweet and long-lasting, but not cloying.

Aire Loco (DIVAIN-121)

A fresh eau de toilette with a floral touch ideal for sensual, magnetic and suggestive women. As it is an eau de toilette, it is more subtle and lighter than a perfume, you can wear it every day without making the atmosphere feel overloaded.

Being one of Loewe's best women's fragrances, the top notes of Aire Loco are a floral spell. It opens with bergamot, pink pepper, neroli and magnolia, yet its heart notes suggest a fruity essence where you find the notes of passion fruit, jasmine, strawberry and African orange. In the base notes, cardamom, patchouli, vanilla and Virginia cedar with an enigmatic air.

Quizas, Quizas, Quizas (DIVAIN-089)

This perfume is a green floral fragrance with seductive notes that will highlight your natural female magnetism. It is the kind of fragrance that you can wear every day, on hot or cold days, as it is a refreshing scent and is perceived as a soft and warm aroma that envelops those who smell it.

Our equivalent of Quizas, Quizas, Quizas opens with fruity citrus aromas of blackcurrant, Italian lemon, cassina and red berries. At its heart it shifts to a fruity scent combining tuberose, Indian jasmine and the delicacy of Bulgarian rose. At its base notes, sandalwood appears with all its warmth, honey, amber and finally vanilla that confers creaminess.

Aire (DIVAIN-105)

Aire is the kind of perfume that every woman can wear regardless of her age, as it is a very versatile scent that you can perfectly wear in your everyday life. The top and base notes are a fruity and floral blend of galbanum, citrus, neroli, lemon, jasmine, mandarin, peach and tangerine orange.

The addition of aldehydes, ylang-ylang, marigold and basil provides a measured, yet feminine scent. As the olfactory circle progresses, the heart and base notes unfold a variety of rose, clove, iris root, Persian violet and enigmatic woods.

If you are a woman who appreciates the little things in life, this is definitely the fragrance for you.

Best Loewe perfume for women according to DIVAIN

The best Loewe perfume for women is Solo Loewe Ella (DIVAIN-589), a fragrance that combines the mystery that every woman has in her being with a sense of freedom and charisma. This cologne represents the 21st century woman, with a unique and natural beauty.

The best Loewe perfumes for women stand out for their ability to transmit sensations with their base, heart and background notes. You can be sure to discover your favourite if you are looking for a subtle and delicate fragrance that exudes freshness and mystery at the same time. There is one to suit everyone's tastes! And you can find the equivalent at DIVAIN PERFUMES with just one click.

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