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Top of the Best Perfumes for Sport

TOP best perfumes for men and women for athletes

The best perfumes for sport are those characterised by a great freshness that gives an indescribable feeling of well-being. Invigorating fragrances, full of energy and motivation that help you improve your concentration so you can complete your routine without distraction.

At DIVAIN, we have a wide choice of fragrances for everyone and, of course, the perfumes for sportsmen could not be missed. Discover this TOP with the best we have selected for you, fragrances that will make you shine in your favourite sport! Here we recommend the best for men and women!

Sports perfumes for women

DIVAIN-132, similar to Touch of Pink by Lacoste

Take on the world with this fragrance that will make you dance and jump like there is no tomorrow! An explosion of energy and vitality designed for authentic and spontaneous women.

DIVAIN-132, similar to Touch of Pink by Lacoste, is a floral and fruity cocktail with a citrusy top note of orange and peach that fuses with an elegant heart of jasmine, violet leaf and cardamom, among others. It ends with a special accord of sandalwood, musk and vanilla that will melt all your senses.

DIVAIN-546, similar to Cool Water Woman by Davidoff

Inspired by the freshness of the sea, DIVAIN-546 similar to Cool Water by Davidoff for women will make you conquer any challenge you set yourself. This floral fragrance is perfect for outdoor sports, especially mountain sports. It begins with sweet and delicious notes of pineapple, peach and melon, which give way to a unique heart of honey, lily of the valley, lotus blossom and rose. What are you waiting for to try it?

Find the best sport perfume for women

DIVAIN-092, similar to Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger

If you like to spend your free time with sports and friends, then DIVAIN-092, similar to Tommy Girl, is the fragrance for you. Enjoy life with every note in this classic feminine fragrance that combines a top note of blackcurrant, camellia, mandarin and apple blossom with a seductive heart of lily, violet, mint, honeysuckle and more.

DIVAIN-602, similar to Libre by Yves Saint Laurent

Defy life with optimism with this fragrance made for sportswomen. DIVAIN-602, similar to Libre by Yves Saint Laurent, represents a woman who is brave, daring and loves a challenge. An explosion of sensual and unexpected fragrances with the softness of honeysuckle, the elegance of jasmine and the sweetness of Madagascar vanilla, an irresistible fragrance!

Perfumes for sporty men

DIVAIN-264, similar to Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren

A fresh and addictive fragrance with aquatic accents to show off your most competitive side in the gym. DIVAIN-264, similar to Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren, is an uplifting and powerful fragrance for men that you can wear every day, especially during your workout. It is distinguished by a perfect combination of green notes balanced with a woody base of sandalwood, amber, musk, gaiac wood and cedar.

DIVAIN-018, similar to Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

Enveloping, sensual and full of character. This is the definition of our DIVAIN-018, similar to Chanel's Allure Homme Sport for independent and confident men. A fragrance where freshness and sweetness come together to create a different and surprising scent. Ideal for lovers of adrenaline and extreme sports.

Perfumes for sporty men that will make you triumph in the gym

DIVAIN-313, similar to Solo Loewe Sport by Loewe

Another fragrance for sport that should not be missing from this TOP is our DIVAIN-313, similar to Solo Loewe Sport. Created for sporty men who do not want to give up their most elegant and sensual side. A composition that combines a top note of mandarin and bergamot with a heart of lavender and rosemary. Finally, a background of amber, moss and patchouli that give the fragrance a unique scent and personality.


DIVAIN-357 for men is inspired by a real boxing match. Become the star of the show and step into the ring with an intense fragrance that has woody and oriental notes that awaken all your senses. Feel the notes of tangerine, caramel, tonka bean and vetiver on your skin and experience an exhilarating sensory journey that will leave you spellbound.


We close this TOP of the best sports perfumes with DIVAIN-349. This fragrance invites you to a unique olfactory experience with a play of contrasts starring the freshness of citrus notes and the sensuality of a heart of incense and lavender. Break barriers and transcend boundaries with this fragrance that will not stop you.

With these sporty perfumes, achieving your goals will be the most exciting part. You will become the centre of attention and set yourself no limits. It's never too late to join the gym - go for it! ;)

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