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Top with the best Creed perfumes for women

Best Creed perfumes for women

Originality and quality of Creed perfumes for women have broken barriers and they have become such a reference around the world of perfumery. Their scents fill up all our senses and evoke luxury, elegance, and sophistication as no one. They have an exquisite variety, impossible to get tired of and their irresistible scents will suit you at any moment of the day.

In this article we provide you with a list of the best Creed perfumes for women of all times.

Creed perfumes for women, which one is the best?

Choosing the best Creed feminine perfume is such a challenge, to many, impossible. All the fragrances have something that makes them unique even with its differences, they are perfumes to hit the nail on the head. At the same time, it is important to find one that suits your personality and style. If you are looking for a new perfume and you don’t know how to start, this post is made for you.

You should keep in mind that there are diverse factors when choosing a perfume, the notes of it would be a great indicator to know its class and scent. There are some more fruity and some sweeter that intoxicate just for passing by. Maybe, every moment requires a diverse Creed perfume, that is why, it is always important to know when will it be used.

Creed for women fragrance analysis

Following, we provide a more detailed analysis of the best Creed perfume dupes for women.

Aventus For Her by Creed (DIVAIN-580) 

Our dupe of Aventus For Her has a scent that has already conquered thousands of homes. Their top notes are composed of green apple, bergamot, patchouli, lemon, violets and pink pepper which grants an intoxicating and fresh aroma. This start is then followed by some heart notes of rose, sandalwood and musk and a base of black currants, peach and amber. 

This aroma is a big YES for every season of the year, but many women prefer it for autumn season, where weather is not extreme. It has an intense, soft and delicate scent that will match your outfits during the day and will grant you an exquisite freshness during night-time.

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Love in White by Creed (DIVAIN-626)

Love in White by Creed dupe was created in 2005 and still keeps being an exclusive perfume for women. The first scent that reaches your nose is the one of intense orange peel and it is surrounded by daffodil, jasmine to give a delicate touch to the whole perfume.
Its top notes reminds of vanilla, sandalwood and gray amber to get a much more delicate base that suits perfectly in any occasion. It is a sure bet to reach a fresher perfume that doesn’t keep it from being feminine and sophisticated.

Comparison with the best Creed dupe perfumes for women

Virgin Island Water by Creed (DIVAIN-303)

This perfume smells like pure summer. Coconut, lime, white bergamot and mandarin combined create a mixture that makes you feel like being in a paradise island daily. Virgin Island Water is a really adequate option for warm climates, nevertheless, it doesn’t fit so well with cold seasons like autumn or winter.
This perfume is on the spot for being a refreshing option, as soon as you start using it, it becomes a must and you won't be able to go out without wearing it. This is one of those perfumes that you could use daily without being tired of it, even if it has a really special scent.

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Silver Mountain Water by Creed (DIVAIN-666)

This Creed perfume is aromatic and transports you to spring with its natural notes. Bergamot along with mandarin are the first aromas that come to your nose, then they leave a way to green tea and black currants that are remarkable in their heart notes. All of this is combined with musk and sandalwood, to get a complex fragrance and at the same time, a simple one.

 You can’t be wrong choosing this perfume for daily use, it evokes nature, elegance and pureness. Our dupe to Silver Mountain Water  suits perfectly in each moment, nevertheless it is a fresh option that best suits on a daytime use. It is a hit on the nail for its quality, elegance and luxury, this does not mean that the perfume is taking all the scene.

Image of the top rated  best Creed fragrances

Best Creed perfume for women according to DIVAIN

Best Creed perfume is Aventus for Her (DIVAIN-580) due to its intense aromas and fruity notes manages to intoxicate all the senses and be an accessory to the personality of the person that is wearing it. A full of vitality option that combines fresh touches of fruits with the delicate essence of flowers to create a classy perfume.

This is a safe be if you are looking for a lifetime perfume, it suits every situation and even with the pass of  seasons, it continues to be a great choice. It is a highlight on perfumery world, but its scent doesn’t intoxicates, that is why is a timeless classic that even with the pass of time nevers go out of tune.

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