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The best concealer can make your look look many years younger

What is a concealer cream?

Anti-dark circles creams are a product that helps to calm and largely eliminate dark circles to improve the appearance of the complexion.

These work thanks to their active principles, since most of them contain moisturizing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, depigmenting and stimulating components of blood circulation; that make the skin in this area of ​​the eyes become much more elastic and, therefore, look better and much less fatigued.

Collagen (gives flexibility and elasticity to the skin), retinol (anti-blemish and cell renewal) and ceramides (the queens of firmness and elasticity) are also not lacking in the best concealer creams.

If you do not have very dark or marked bags or dark circles you can always resort to an eye concealer, but this is simply makeup and it will camouflage the problem, it will not solve it, something that anti-dark circle creams do. Therefore, whether or not you look like a panda bear, we strongly recommend that you start using a concealer on your daily facial routine.

And you have to take good care of the area of ​​your gaze, since it is the mirror of the soul. If you have a careful eye contour and you show off eyelashes of scandal (take a look at these eyelash serums with which you can get them) your look will seem different: younger, brighter and more radiant. Who doesn't want that?

Bags, dark circles and wrinkles are the greatest enemies of our gaze

How and when to apply a concealer cream

Really, whether or not you have visible dark circles, it is always good to get a good anti-dark circle cream and start applying it from the age of 30. eye! We are not calling thirty-something old. But it is that, it is from these ages that the busy pace of life that we lead as a general rule, begins to take its toll. And the saying goes: “better to be safe than sorry”.

It is a super comfortable product and it could not be easier to use, to apply it correctly, you just have to follow the following steps:

  •     The first thing you should do before applying the concealer cream is to wash and dry your face well.
  •     Once the skin is dry and clean, it is time to apply the product. Of course, in the right measure, so that it takes effect (in the instruction manual of each product it indicates how much you have to use, usually it is the amount equivalent to the size of a pea).
  •     Massage the area around the eyes with the concealer, preventing the product from entering the inside of the eye or on the eyelashes. Use the ring finger for this, since it is the finger that has the least strength of all. Apply it by tapping or in circular motions, and always from the inner area of ​​the eye to the outside.
  •     Let it act before continuing with your facial routine. For the skin to assimilate it, it takes a few minutes, usually 3 to 5.

For this type of treatment to have an effect, it is necessary to be constant in its application. Do it at least once a day (at night before sleeping it is perfect so that the active principles are well absorbed) and do not let a single day go by without applying it. There are no excuses!

Best concealer creams for women and men

Deciding which is the best concealer on the market is not an easy task. Therefore, we are going to present you a list of what, for us, are the 5 best dark circles on the market. Go for it!

1. Remescar bags and dark circles

Remescar's “Eye Bags & Dark Circles” is undoubtedly one of the best dark circles that exist, not in the world, but in the universe. It is suitable for both women and men and is indicated for those who have many bags, and on top of it dark and marked, something that is very, very difficult to treat.

But Remescar manages to reduce them in the medium-long term if it is used constantly thanks to the exceptional quality of its ingredients. As if that were not enough, the effect of the product remains active between 8 and 10 hours, so, as you can imagine, the results are incredible.

2. L'oreal Paris Men

The concealer creams are not a personal care product only indicated for women. They also have dark circles and it is normal that they want to eliminate them and look much better!

For these dark circles beauty junkies we recommend this concealer cream for men, as it is specifically designed to treat male skin. It is rich in vitamins CG and B5, ideal for hydrating the eye contour, and also includes an anti-sleep effect that lasts up to eight hours. Come on, ideal to look rested even if your day is the busiest.

3. Bioluma eye contour snail slime

Yes, we know that the terms slime and snail united (or separated) do not arouse passions, but this substance has incredible properties, so go ahead and buy products that contain it because you will not regret it.

One of the best products based on snail slime is this natural concealer from the Italian brand Bioluma. It is super effective for treating dark circles and eye bags thanks to its high concentration of natural ingredients.

4. Olay Eyes Ultimate

The Olay Eyes Ultimate eye contour is a 3-in-1 treatment that reduces the appearance of dark circles, smoothes wrinkles and fine lines and reduces eye puffiness (very common if you sleep little and badly).

Contains a powerful peptide and vitamin rich color correcting formula that melts and evens skin tone.

5. Orlane Anti-Fatigue Eye Contour

Not resting properly makes a dent, and if this is your problem, here we present the best dark circles to solve it. Its active ingredients refresh and decongest the eye contour, making this area look much brighter and more rested. In addition, it contains white lily, which considerably reduces the presence of dark circles.

Olay, Bioluma or L'oreal have some of the best dark circles on the market

Recommendations to avoid dark circles

Now, not everything will be solved by putting on an anti-dark circle cream. If you want to say "see you never!" to bags and dark circles, you will have to introduce these habits into your daily life:

  •     Hydrate a lot: Drink and drink and drink lots of water. Well-hydrated skin is enemy number 1 of dark circles.
  •     Balanced diet: A diet rich in healthy foods is good for everything in life, including the issue of dark circles!
  •     Remove makeup. A deep cleaning of the skin before going to sleep is the best thing you can do to take care of your skin and your eye contour.
  •     Use sun protectionEven when it's cloudy! The sun's rays always filter through and tremendously damage our skin if we don't protect it properly.
  •     And of course, sleep well. Your eight hours that nobody can take away from you.
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